why was the zeta project cancelled

A lot in this show didn't make sense but, it had some good action scenes. Remember: Abuse of the TV.com image system may result in you being banned from uploading images or from the entire site – so, play nice and respect the rules! The NSA works well with normal authorities like the police or sheriff's department. As mentioned above, the Zeta character made his first appearance in the Batman Beyond episode "Zeta" (surprisingly not a Poorly Disguised Pilot, as his appearance there is as a mere (anti)-Villain of the Week later deemed a worthy enough idea for a separate show), and the Terry McGinnis as Batman appears in episode "Shadows". The military or something made this robot, for military use. Over time, my love for the show could only grow. Or could it be that he was cast for the role, and then it was cancelled? The Zeta Project is Short Circuit meets The Fugitive. Played straight in their interactions with superheroes as the NSA is notorious for secrecy and complex planning while superheroes in the DCAU are very much public figures and their actions are widely known, in addition to the lack of planning most heroes end up employing. Averted. With Diedrich Bader, Julie Nathanson, Daniel Nicodème, Kurtwood Smith. I don't remember watching this show because I was, like, five when I watched it, but I remember it was good. Bennett, Benett or Bennet?

When Zeta nearly has his mind wiped, his assassination protocols kick in while his backup memory is busy restoring itself. The newly enlightened Zeta refuses to continue on as an infiltration unit and abandons his mission, going rogue. Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload. © 2020 TV.COM, A RED VENTURES COMPANY.

Even without his considerable arsenal, he kicks a lot of ass. A robot rebels against its creators, refusing to kill, and goes on the run. Rather creepily shown by hacker/stalker Buss, who wears a shirt similar to her black one prompting her desire to wear different clothes. |, Please read the following before uploading. The project can be canceled by any individual or a company due to various reasons. I love the way they design their buildings. Who ever made the decision to axe this show deserves to be punished quite extensively! (I dunno.)

By the end of the first season, I was obsessed and tried to hook everyone I could find to watch with me.

I really thought this television show was seriously going to work out. Inaugurated its National Recreation Project New York City, New York December ... Cancelled St. Louis, Missouri: ... Theme: The Zeta Way - Sisters Loved, Principles Lived, Paths Blazed References This page was last edited on 28 May 2020, at 17:07 (UTC).

However, negating his own programming, he refused to kill. Fangrrls is about kicking down doors, breaking boundaries and celebrating female fans with fun, witty and entertaining content. I love this show so much. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/WesternAnimation/TheZetaProject. They should have continued this series.

Not Oren, as some fansites say.

However, if … So it was an okay show to me and a great show to others. Except every week in your inbox. batman beyond was able to produce a spinoff with ahving the character Zeta in one of its episodes. A robot trying to find peace by looking for his creator was an okay concept and they did an good job with it. He completely ceases to care about Zeta and zeroes in on one thing only, his child. Someone tries this with Agent Bennett's son later on. As a spin off for a character introduced in Batman Beyond, this cartoon series went beyond the scope of adventure. Cue the usual misspellings of a Chinese name in fansites. When Ro sarcastically remarks that she wants a lifetime supply of chocolate, Zeta offers to buy it for her. This show people told me was great but, when I watched it, I wasn't that interested. To prove his innocence, Zeta and Ro search for his creator, the elusive Dr. Selig. Semi-justified in Ro's case by them always being on the move, but they start to change her outfits later on anyway. '[The Project] will never be cancelled because senior management won't hear a bad word said against it,' a source said earlier this year. later... Really high quality cartoon from WB. but this robot doesn't want to kill it wants to help people so it runs into this girl and she is a runaway and she decides to run away with it and basically they run from cops and military and government agents and everything throughout the show... it didn't last long to find out much about it though.. but it was a great concept and should return... i think that it was a spinoff or something of Batman Beyond also. The general plot of the show, then, is the Stern Chase between Zeta and Ro (as they attempt to prove that Zeta is genuinely non-violent), and the NSA agents pursuing him (who believe that the terrorists he was investigating before going rogue have reprogrammed him for some unknown purpose). The Zeta Project is indeed a combination of Short Circuit and The Fugitive, balanced out by fantastic action, excellent characterization, and plenty of comedic moments. He's even seen unconsciously fiddling with his sidearm throughout the ordeal despite normally being the one who berates others for excessive use of a sidearm. The friendship between the child-like Zeta and Ro is genuinely portrayed. The Zeta Project was about a robot who can change it's appearance and look like a human, it takes place in the future. This show and story had so much prospects and was one of the better cartoons on WB and was worth watching on Saturday mornings. Zeta. Everyone that agreed ended up loving the show, and their reasons were varied. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from [email protected] Refusing to believe the fact that Zeta can make moral decisions, the government goes after Zeta, with the intention of resetting and reprogramming him.

Does this mean that Kyle Meehleis McClure is or will be the new Zee? Zeta was an experimental infiltration robot equipped with weaponry and a holographic self-projector that allows it to assume any identity. It's about a robot, Zeta, and his human friend, Ros, on the run from secret agents as they search for evidence that proves it's within Zeta's design to be peaceful. Agent West, on occasion, though more often he's.

Last fall, active development had been ceased completely, taking with it … When Zeta discovers that one of his targets is innocent, he experiences an existential crisis about goodness and the value of life; following this epiphany, Zeta finds that he can no longer kill. Set in a high tech future a robot develops a conscience and tries to escape/convince the government that he doesn't wish to kill anymore. Sadly, KidsWB canceled this exceptional show, leaving Ro and Zeta's quest hanging.


The Zeta Project is a 2001 cartoon series set in the DC Animated Universe, specifically the future years depicted in Batman Beyond, its parent show.

Someone is seriously damaged in the head to have ended it!

TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Terry let that killer robot go and, lo and behold, that robot got a show of his own the following year. It's kinda sad to see the Government not being on "our" side but that's just how they are and how we think of them, even in real life. Now that the DCEU is expanding and making movies no one expected, there's a lot of talk from fans about a Batman Beyond movie. This show rocked my socks--everyone in my family and I would all sit around the television on Saturday mornings just to watch it. Surprising giving the fact that the WB hosts on their lineup nonsense like Pokemon. A lot of the characters got this in varying dubs. The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images. Zeta reappears in the penultimate episode of Batman Beyond, "Countdown", accompanied by Ro and pursued by Bennett's agents.

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