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I’m not that cool and I also feel style is subjective.. Required fields are marked *.

For me that meant getting another road bike. As of the turn of the new year my racing efforts required me to stop being such a lazy ass and actually “train”. ELIEL's custom team apparel is simply the best out there! It's clear their team values their relationship with you and your team! I initially started the search for a new kit with a simple google search. And in our case, working with their designers we have been able to produce cross suits and team kits that set us apart from the crowd, and given our team the touch of class that we were looking for as veteran racers and leaders within our cycling community.”, “For us at Full Send Racing, the difference in choosing Eliel to create our custom kits was in the attention to detail and thoughtfulness that can only be generated by people who actually ride and race. song ► ( Instrumental produced by Chuki.follow me bruh From that I had a few companies in mind.

What I bought was the “Surf and Ski Solana” jersey. Initially it looked a little small but once I put it on it fit perfectly. Superlative artisans. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. ZWIFT VEGAN CYCLIST 100+1 MILES RACE MONTHLY PROMOTION NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. I am raw till 4 vegan and cycle competitively. The best products backed up by an attitude of providing Super Service at every turn is how we roll. Highlights of the Bibs for me are: Fashion forward AF! Whether we utilize your hand-crafted design or if you rely on our brilliant team of world class artists, our job is to make your design come to life exactly as you intended. They added a 20% discount to the kit to help cover shipping costs a bit. You’re actually saving money in the long run. The Vegan Cyclist 6 months ago There is a SUPER limited window to get the Ride Bikes Bro 2020 team kit by Eliel Cycling on pre-order. So you can make up your own opinion of “style”.

I got my road bike the day before we did this.

But the fact of the matter is there is no way to supplement the strength gained from hammering out some road miles. All while looking as cool as I can wearing something that looks like it’s painted on.

PRE-SALE ► outside of the states is expensive. The Vegan Cyclist. Also not having your nipples or butt cheeks rubbed off during rides is nice too. Like a good teammate, we’re supportive, helpful and utilize all the tools at our disposal to ensure that you’re as happy with your experience as you will be riding in your Eliel custom gear.

I know that other cyclists want to know more about the vegan lifestyle and if it would work for them.

Jackets that can stand up to the elements. This is Eliel's most popular racing jersey. This item is back-ordered! Tyler Pearce, aka "The Vegan Cyclist" started wearing our inline Eliel kits sometime last year. I was very happy with the quality of fabric used as well as the stitching. I am confident that I will get my money’s worth.

The best materials hand crafted with precision into form fitting goodness that now sets the standard against which all other custom kits are judged. Jackets that can stand up to the elements. Simplified = expensive as F*CK but 100% worth it.. You really have to look at the price over time.

So these things… So damn nice! Every Eliel kit starts with specially sourced Italian fabrics and chamois for the highest comfort and performance. We also love that Eliel is local to California and is more than just clothing brand but one that fosters inclusivity and an amazing community.”. So you can return pretty much anything up to 365 days. Come on, see what all the cool kids are up to, join the newsletter and receive 10% off your first purchase.

Eliel Cycling PRE_SALE

Think of us as your custom gear domestique, always putting in the extra effort to help you break away from the pack in style. The Vegan Cyclist 22,455 views

PRE-SALE Shipping outside of the states is expensive. VEGAN CYCLIST LOGO WHITE Price: $21.95 View Details VEGAN CYCLIST LOGO Price: $24.95 View Details EAT PLANTS ORIGINAL Price: $24.95 View Details EAT PLANTS-RIDE BIKES - … Find out why more teams around the world are choosing Eliel California to design, manufacture, and deliver their team gear. ~ PRE-SALE IS OPEN FOR 10 DAYS! From the never-ending pursuit of being on the vanguard of kit design through our own manufacturing facilities to the continual sourcing of innovative Italian fabrics – we only offer the Best of the Best. Come on, see what all the cool kids are up to, join the newsletter and receive 10% off your first purchase. click here to see my triumphant return to cycling. 1.

INTRO We wanted to create a kit that was synonymous with cyclists from around the world. Enjoy free shipping on all orders over $50 in the lower 48. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. The fact that a bike brand sent their top dogs and sponsored the gnarliest of crit races (read: party), told us that these guys and gals were for real. NEW KIT DAY - YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE (ELEMENTS COLLECTION Limited time only) - Duration: 5:33.

I tried to figure out any other way to do this, but it is what it is.

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From there we move through the concept phase until we have the ONE design that best reflects your vision and will have your members rolling in style with a big smile every time they slide into their Eliel gear. This probably isn’t the kit for you.

PROMOTION PERIOD: The Zwift Vegan Cyclist 100+1 Miles Race Monthly Promotion (the “ Promotion ”) begins at 12:01am United States Pacific Time (“ PT ”) on August 7, 2019 and ends at 11:59 PM PT June 3, 2020 (the "Promotion Period "). We’re super appreciative of these guys, and stoked to see them disrupting an industry by doing things the right way, every time.”, “FCC is known for its colorful and cheekily designed club kits, so they knew Eliel would be the perfect brand to partner with for quality materials, bright colorful designs and rad vibes! Every Eliel kit starts with specially sourced Italian fabrics and chamois for the highest comfort and performance.

Cheap kits are cheap for a reason, they suck.

Literally it feels like a velvet glove is gently holding you up as you ride.

Eliel was born out of the concept of making the best quality cycling gear on the planet, while remaining humble and FUN.

Whether you’re outfitting a team, club, or just your local coffee crew, Eliel will craft you the best fitting, best looking gear you’ll ever wear. As I was trying to avoid the need to potentially get run the fuck over by some donkey millennial texting. Everything is achieved operating under this mindset. YOU ARE AMAZING! YYYOOO! Morning Ride Cycle Club - An LA Story.

After her referral it was easy to pull the trigger on the Eliel kit.. Well sort of.. here is my list of importance when buying a cycling kit: .. and if you are one of those people that have price at the top of your list.

The tipping point for me going with the Eliel cycling kit was contacting a friend that is a professional cyclist. The body of this jersey is very breathable and snug, allowing the fabric to grab moisture quickly and immediately wick it into the air. Your email address will not be published. Our supremely talented team’s sole mission is to make the kit design and ordering process to go as smoothly as possible and get your custom gear out on the road. With a black background and a bold, colorful fruit pattern this jersey is sure to stand out.

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