The demo can be downloaded and played from the official site for free, and the full game can be bought on Steam. [3] In the game, players control a child and complete objectives in order to progress through the story.

[50] All the console ports were developed and published by Japanese localizer 8-4 in all regions.

[93], Undertale garnered awards and nominations in a variety of categories with praise for its story, narrative and for its role-playing.

[92] The same year at the Steam Awards the game received a nomination for The "I'm not crying, there's just something in my eye" award. "[84], The game appeared on several year-end lists of the best games of 2015, receiving Game of the Month and Funniest Game on PC from Rock, Paper, Shotgun,[85][86] Best Game Ever from GameFAQs,[87] and Game of the Year for PC from The Jimquisition,[88] Zero Punctuation,[89] and IGN. [16] Jesse Singal of The Boston Globe found the game's ability to make the player empathize with the monsters during combat if they opted for non-violent actions was "indicative of the broader, fundamental sweetness at the core" of Undertale. [82] Destructoid's Ben Davis praised the game's characters and use of comedy, and compared its tone, characters, and storytelling to Cave Story (2004). The human connects with their new friends during the fight, eventually triumphing. These choices affect the game, with the dialogue, characters, and story changing based on outcomes.

The combat system involves the player navigating through mini-bullet hell attacks by the opponent.

[64] Fox plans for Deltarune to have only one ending, regardless of what choices the player makes in the game.

[4] PC Gamer's Richard Cobbett provided similar comments, writing that "even its weaker moments... just about work". [d] When Flowey attempts to murder the human to take their soul for himself, the human is rescued by Toriel, a motherly goat-like monster, who teaches the human to solve puzzles and survive conflict in the Underground without killing. [8] They can use the ACT option to check an enemy's attacking and defending attributes as well as perform various other actions, which vary depending on the enemy. [23] Fox was partly influenced by the silliness of internet culture, as well as comedy shows like Mr. The player meets various monsters during the journey back to the surface.

[5][11] The game relies on a number of metafictional elements in both its gameplay and story.

[28] Fox found that the writing became easier after establishing a character's voice and mood. [18] Fox had little experience with game development; he and his three brothers often used RPG Maker 2000 to make role-playing games, though few were ever completed.

", "GTA 5 leads Steam Spy's list of best-selling 2015 Steam games", "Stardew Valley is one of the best-selling PC games of the year as it surpasses 1M copies sold", "Valve leaks Steam game player counts; we have the numbers", "Undertale PS4 and PS Vita sales top 100,000 in Japan", "Undertale May Be This Year's Best Written Game", "Best game ever? Asriel reverts to his child form, destroys the barrier, and expresses his remorse to the others before leaving. Fox also felt that role-playing video games generally lack mother characters; in the Pokémon series, as well as Mother and EarthBound, Fox felt that the mothers are used as "symbols rather than characters".

Originally, Undertale was meant to be two hours in length and was set to be released in mid-2014.

[67] Metacritic ranks the game the third-highest rated Windows game released in 2015,[67] and among the top 50 of all time. [31][34] For each section of the game, Fox composed the music prior to programming, as it helped "decide how the scene should go".

Flowey kills Asgore in an attempt to get mercy, but Frisk executes Flowey anyway. Fox strongly disliked the use of the companion character Fi in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, in which the answers to puzzles were often revealed early.

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