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WHAT WILL I LEARN? So if you start from one of the genres that are world building is involved with.

Most media franchises, however, are governed not by co-creation (which involves conceiving the property in transmedia terms from the outset) but rather licensing (where the story originates in one media and subsequent media remain subordinate to the original master text.). But Twain understood what modern storytellers seem to have forgotten-a compelling sequel offers consumers a new perspective on the characters, rather than just more of the same. This article is pretty technical and long, but really great.… This module will introduce you to the instructors of this course, and give you an understanding of how the course works and what you will learn. I was reassured that the distribution company handled all such ancillary materials. Much of it builds on the discussion of that concept in Convergence Culture, though I have updated it to reflect some more recent developments in that space. • Sergio Paez, Graphic Artist working in animation, TV, video games, and film.

So if we think about a universe as big as Marvel's extended universe, or the Star Wars universe. Especially if people find themselves wanting to find out more about this remarkable character and his many exotic adventures, if consumers seek more touch points with the brand, if they generate their own narratives about Gerard. • Evaluate existing and emerging technologies to share your story with the world, and help your audience participate in the larger storyworld you create

Now what does success look like? Here’s what you need to know. So, if you think about something like Gangs of New York, Martin Scorsese's film which has such a rich reproduction of American culture in the middle of the 19th century, there are all kinds of moving parts there that actually become interesting to pay attention to. So you can sort of say that Tolstoy wanted to become a game designer, he just didnt have the technology. If you look at something like Hulu's East Los High, which is telling a transmedia high school story, but embeds in it messaging around reproductive health, around nutrition, around college readiness. It. Transmedia storytelling, as it is defined by Henry Jenkins, represents a process where integral elements of a fiction get dispersed systematically across multiple delivery channels for the purpose of creating a unified and coordinated entertainment experience. There was in fact no narrative to speak of. To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that, Henry Jenkins - How a transmedia strategy enriches a story, Tom Ellard - Story structure and the hero’s journey, Tom Ellard - The role of memory, imagery and emotion in understanding story. You will have access to current theory, industry examples and advice and undertake learning activities that will equip you with the tools you need to start developing your own ideas. We’ll explain the anatomy of story and the importance of developing a narrative, and show you some examples of contemporary transmedia storytelling. The most effective use of transmedia branding so far may be the BMW campaign, "The Hire," which unfolded first on the web (in the hands of some of the world's greatest filmmakers) and more recently in the comics (in the hands of some pretty damn gifted comics creators). I am thinking of the Folger's Coffee campaign with Anthony Head, who went on to play Giles on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 6. You will also examine case studies that demonstrate how amazing ideas, technology and audience contributions can be brought together to create dynamic storyworlds. I would say any book that has an apparatus in the front, whether it's a genealogy, a map, a chart of the riggings of a ship and the Patrick O'Brian's sea stories.

So if we think about a narrative, where to start?

Finding those extensions, putting the pieces together. This module will introduce you to the instructors of this course, and give you an understanding of how the course works and what you will learn. Totally a must-take if you interested in content marketing. More and more, we are also engaging with elements or franchises of larger and more complex stories across a much more diverse range of platforms like interactive web experiences, social media communities, mobile devices, theme parks, and even augmented and virtual reality. Younger consumers have become information hunters and gatherers, taking pleasure in tracking down character backgrounds and plot points and making connections between different texts within the same franchise. You will learn about what it takes to: Winter will make the pandemic worse. It's just more information processed together. The ABC television drama, Lost, for example, flashed a dense map in the midst of one second season episode: fans digitized a freeze-frame of the image and put it on the web where together they extrapolated about what it might reveal regarding the Hanso Corporation and its activities on the island. A single story involving one character instead of integrated actions culminating in a resolution. The information in this module will form the backbone of your own transmedia strategy that you will develop over the duration of the course. One of the things we've observed over time is that transmedia works best in those genres where world building plays a really central role. You will learn effective transmedia design strategies from leading UNSW Australia Art & Design academics.

Transmedia storytelling expands what can be known about a particular fictional world while dispersing that information, insuring that no one consumer knows everything and insure that they must talk about the series with others (see, for example, the hundreds of different species featured in Pokemon or Yu-Gi-O). Those moments or something in the background might be brought in the foreground and there might be an interesting narrative to go on, go forward with. Levy argues that art in an age of collective intelligence functions as a cultural attractor, drawing together like-minded individuals to form new knowledge communities. • Alex Lieu, 42 Entertainment, Los Angeles, USA WHO WILL MY INSTRUCTORS BE?

This past month, I attended a gathering of top creatives from Hollywood and the games industry, hosted by Electronic Arts; they were discussing how to collaboratively develop content that would play well across media. • Jeff Nicholas, The Uprising Creative, Los Angeles, USA • John McGhee, UNSW Art & Design, Sydney, Australia We can see the same pattern in other media-films (high success for certain franchises, overall declines in revenue), television (shorter spans for most series, longer runs for a few), or comics (incredibly long runs for a limited number of superhero icons).

Co Founder, StoryboardArt, California, USA

The current configuration of the entertainment industry makes transmedia expansion an economic imperative, yet the most gifted transmedia artists also surf these marketplace pressures to create a more expansive and immersive story than would have been possible otherwise.

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