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Cicada uses this energy to keep his loyal acolytes — and himself — young as they continue their grisly crusade. In theory, Barry Allen's biggest enemy in The Flash season 5 may actually be Dr. Ambres (Lossen Chambers), the doctor who takes care of Cicada's niece at the hospital. Kim Miles directed the episode written by Eric Wallace & Judalina Neira (#502). We have a theory on who that can be, and why. 2 #170, an issue which gave him a pretty unique origin story. Copyright 2018

A one-stop shop for all things video games. Thawne and Zoom gained Barry’s trust, and the Thinker used his superior intellect to outsmart Team Flash.

Few other characters — outside of The Thinker — have relied on pure intellect over sheer power.

Before killing Gridlock, the man revealed that he is trying to take down all metahumans by all means necessary. His favorite film is Casablanca, and his favorite director is Alfred Hitchcock. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. In theory, Barry Allen's biggest enemy in The Flash season 5 may actually be Dr. Ambres (Lossen Chambers), the doctor who takes care of Cicada's niece at the hospital. His love for his wife and daughters is almost equaled by his love of gasp-for-breath laughter and gasp-for-breath horror. In trying to end his own life, the Keystone City native was struck by a bolt of lightning, which presented him with a vision of his own immortality, as well as the foreknowledge that his wife would be resurrected one day. For the uninitiated, this is none other than David Hersch/Cicada (Chris Klein), the newest Big Bad to grace The Flash.

The Flash season 5 debuts on October 9 at 8 p.m., EST, on The CW. A one-stop shop for all things video games.

During the last few seconds, we see Cicada walking through a seemingly abandoned family home. Cicada and his cult began targeting people that The Flash had saved over the years, with his weapon of choice being a dagger shaped like a lightning bolt. The fifth season of The Flash premieres tonight on The CW, but a photo from next week's episode provides the best look yet at primary antagonist Cicada. He also has interests in ancient history.

When the Flash and XS destroyed the dark matter-loaded satellite, the resulting force of the double speedster punch shifted the falling debris. Taking over the portrayal of The Flash's next big villain is Chris Klein, the actor probably best known for his work in the American Pie film franchise, though he also got his start in Alexander Payne's stellar dark comedy Election. While Cicada has only spent a few moments onscreen thus far, it sounds like The Flash will be taking his story into a new direction, re-imagining him as a working-class father with an anti-metahuman vendetta. The Flash's latest season premiere just aired, and the series' latest villain made quite an entrance. Batman: Three Jokers #3 Delivers a Bloody Conclusion With Intriguing Teases, Black Widow: Widow's Sting #1 Is a Lightweight Standalone Tale, X of Swords: Stasis #1 Is a Long-Winded Interlude, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin Delivers a Fresh Instant Classic, Dune: House Atreides #1 Brings Readers to an Early Vision of Arrakis, Crossover #1 Transcends Its Premise With a Meditation on Superhero Events, Titans' Jason Todd Dons the Red Hood for Halloween, WandaVision Is Missing from Disney+'s November Preview Trailer, Ginger Snaps TV Adaption in Development From Killing Eve Producer, Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 2 May Reintroduce [SPOILER], Tek Knight: The Boys' Iron Man Is Tragic, Twisted and Perfect for Season 3, Lovecraft Country: Sorry Leti, [SPOILER] Is the One That Really Killed Christina, Outlander: Casting a Queer Man as the Main Villain Is Garbage, Actually, Moon Knight: Disney+ Series Finds Its Director, Star Trek: Discovery Reveals a Shockingly Different Earth, The Walking Dead: World Beyond Reveals the Tragic Fate of Elton's Father. While the last season had issues, the Thinker was a much more entertaining villain than Savitar or Zoom from seasons 3 and 2 respectively. The CW has described their version of the character as “a grizzled, blue-collar everyman whose family has been torn apart by meta-humans.” It’s possible this new take on the character could lack any powers of his own. The Flash has been setting up Chris Klein's Cicada to be the main villain of season 5; however, this could be a misdirection for the real villain.

Cicada harvests that energy to increase his abilities. Neil Gaiman's The Sandman Box Set Gets a Massive 51% Off Deal, Green Lantern HBO Max Series Reportedly Reveals New Details About the Different Timelines, The Batman to Continue Filming Despite Latest UK Coronavirus Lockdown, Suicide Squad Director Denies David Ayer Cut Coming to HBO Max, Travis Scott Leaves Instagram After Followers Bash His Batman Halloween Costume, Halloween 2020: Sofia Vergara Shows Off Wonder Woman Costume in Modern Family Throwback, Kill la Kill x Teen Titans Cosplay Imagines Incredible Starfire and Junketsu Combo, Titans Star Curran Walters Reveals Detailed Red Hood Photo. Instead, he might use plain human ingenuity — coupled with stolen Speed Force energy — to fight his war. Using specially crafted daggers, they absorb latent Speed Force energy from their victims and return it to their leader. Cicada was then able to kidnap the Wally West version of The Flash, which gave him enough power to be able to resurrect his wife. The CW After dispatching the police off-screen, Cicada opens the van’s back door and goes face-to-face with Gridlock. This may not be the only change from comics. He is the author of the psychological thriller and time travel novel, "A Man Against the World."

Unable to directly tap into the Speed Force, he used varying methods, such as siphoning energy from the Flash, to get what little energy he could get. And both of those ended up being huge twists, however expected they may have been by that point. In his spare time, he enjoys the works of Terry Pratchett, DC Comics and a wide assortment of video games. Naturally, they were dubbed the Cicada cult. While he was in the video game flick Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, Chris Klein has not been in any comic book fare before now, so The Flash will be quite the interesting entry point for him. Interestingly, though, the show's big announcement did not mention what Cicada's real name is, so it stands to reason that his alter ego might be important and recognizable to fans of the show and comics. Stargirl Adds An Arrow Veteran To Play Season 2 Villain, The Flash: How Barry Allen Will Change In Zack Snyder’s Justice League, All American On The CW: What's Going On With Season 3, Schitt’s Creek Keeps On Winning With Impressive New Streaming Ranking, How Black Widow Had An Affect On Black Panther’s Events, American Idol's Ryan Seacrest, Paula Abdul And More Mourn Former Contestant Nikki McKibbon's Death, This Batman Ben Affleck Tweet From WarnerMedia’s Boss Has Fans Speculating Wildly, All American: 8 Shows To Watch On Streaming If You Like The CW Series, 'The Witches' Cast Interviews with Anne Hathaway, Stanley Tucci and Octavia Spencer, Back To The Future 35th Anniversary Interview With Lea Thompson, John Boyega Small Axe: Red, White and Blue Interview, What Is HBO's How To With John Wilson: 5 Things To Know Before You Watch, 90 Day Fiance: Darcey Silva's Engagement May Already Be Over, Colin Jost Showed Off His Wedding Ring On SNL After Marrying Scarlett Johansson, And The Internet Has Thoughts, 2020 Fall TV Premiere Schedule: List Of New And Returning Shows, One Harry Potter Actor Likes Not Being Recognized Nearly A Decade After The Final Film, What Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles And Jared Padalecki Will Miss About Working Together, Jared Padalecki's Walker Reboot Adds A Supergirl Vet To The Cast, Why Supernatural Needs To Kill Off A Major Character After The Latest Cliffhanger, Why Supernatural's Amara Feels 'Allegiance' To Both God And Dean In Season 15. Who is The Flash Season 5 villain?

Nicholas' love for telling stories is inspired by his love for film noir, westerns, superhero movies, classic films, foreign cinema, and wuxia. The trans-dimensional source of all speedsters powers could be used by both the heroes and villains in Season 5. Let's take a closer look at Cicada to see what we can unravel going into the new season. But it's still worrisome. Related: The Flash's New Villain Rewrites Season 1 Rules. The CW may be steering clear of speedster villains for the time being, but they haven’t ignored Speed Force villains in their entirety. Soon after, Cicada was put onto death row at Iron Heights, where his immortality proved to be a bit of a problem.

The Mandalorian's Krayt Pearl Is More Important to Star Wars Than You Realize, The Flash Reveals Best Look Yet At Season 5 Villain Cicada, The Flash: Central City Is a War Zone in Season 5 Trailer, Walker: Jared Padalecki's CW Reboot Casts Supergirl Villain, Brave New World Canceled at Peacock, Shopping New Home, Star Trek: Discovery's Newest Crew Member Has a Deep Space Nine-Era Link. All things considered, it would be surprising if The Flash season 5 gave fans all the pieces of the puzzle within just a few episodes. Perhaps his family fell victim to a meta-human attack or they left as a result of one. RELATED: When Every Arrowverse Show Returns. He has a degree in journalism from the University of Montevallo.

AlertMe Elizabeth's resurrection was short-lived, as Cicada refused to believe he was the one who murdered her, and absorbed her life energy though a kiss. It was revealed at San Diego Comic-Con that for Season 5, Barry & Co. will be facing Cicada, the show's second non-speedster big bad. - October 13, 2018 10:34 pm EDT.

We always take these villains from the comics and put 'em through the Flash blender for our show, and so we did that this year.

Cicada blames them for what happened to his niece, Grace, and believes that they all deserve to die because of the havoc they've wreaked on Central City. When Orlin told Dr. Ambres that what happened to Grace was his fault, Dr. Ambres said that the ones who are to blame are the metahumans, not him. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want.

Not as fast as the Flash or as powerful as Vibe, Cicada (played by Chris Klein from American Pie) will be The Flash‘s new big bad in Season 5.

After all, The Thinker was announced as Clifford DeVoe, while Savitar and Zoom didn't have alter egos attached to their initial reveals.

... First Full Look At Season 5 Villain Cicada …

Also worrisome is the fact that Todd Helbing told the Comic-Con crowd there will be "a lot of deaths this season," and that at least one "very" major character will be getting killed off. The CW has released a brand new image from the upcoming fifth season of The Flash, revealing the first look at the new big-bad Cicada. Born David Hersch, the DC rogue, Cicada, is one of several villains who has been granted abilities by the same energy as Barry Allen, the Speed Force. The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW. In Cicada’s case, when he absorbed the Speed Force’s energy, he received limited regenerative powers. In theory, Barry Allen's biggest enemy in The Flash season 5 may actually be Dr. Ambres (Lossen Chambers), the doctor who takes care of Cicada… The Flash has employed similar plot twists with their villains. Related: The Flash Reveals Killer Frost's REAL Origin Story. Arrow also cleverly hid the identity of season 5 villain Prometheus by making him Adrian Chase, the comic book alter ego of Vigilante, causing many viewers to be misled into thinking that Chase was Vigilante instead of Prometheus.

A lifetime spent in the vicinity of a television screen led to his current dream job, as well as his knowledge of too many TV themes and ad jingles.

And given what we know about him from the comics, Team Flash might just be in for the deadliest foe yet.

Barry hasn't been able to find Cicada because Nora's decision to travel back in time and help Barry destroy the satellite caused a different person to be hit by the debris. Labs, then Team Flash had better figure out how to stop him as quickly as possible. It wouldn’t be the first time Barry risked his life to save others, as he’s done so to save Cisco (in “Rogue Time“), Wally (“Versus Zoom“), and Joe (“The Race of His Life“).

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