Especially, there is a growing literature implicating roles for retinoic acid in suppressing pathological and autoimmune responses to inflammation, which could underlie its role in controlling severity of infection.

Synergism, or biological interaction, is distinct from statistical interaction, which is model dependent. H. Lecoq, C. Desbiez, in Encyclopedia of Virology (Third Edition), 2008. Maize lethal necrosis is a re-emerging disease that has reached epidemic proportion and is threatening food security in sub-Saharan Africa. Duell-Pfaff, Dr. Nixe (N.D.) Freudig, Doris (D.F.) Linkage of the amino and the carboxyl halves of the receptor (except for the DNA binding domain) to the GAL4 DNA binding domain afforded synergism without altering the DNA binding affinity (Baniahmad et al., 1991; Muller et al., 1991). Jäger, Dr. Rudolf Meier, Kirstin (K.M.) Wer der beste Freund des Menschen ist, bleibt selbst unter besten Freunden umstritten. For event outcomes, the assumed statistical approaches focus on relative risks (or odds ratios). Huber, Prof. Dr. Robert Synergism among the steroid receptors has been defined as a response to saturating concentrations of steroids from two or more elements that is greater than the arithmetic sum of the responses from the individual elements.

Adapted from Sommer A, Tarwotjo I, Hussaini G, and Susanto D (1983) Increased mortality in children with mild vitamin A deficiency. Neumann, Dr. Harald (H.Ne.)

Viral synergism occurs when co-infection by two viruses results in disease with more severe symptoms than single virus infection. Osche, Prof. Dr. Günther (G.O.) Haug-Schnabel, PD Dr. Gabriele (G.H.-S.) Thus, the taul region appeared inhibitory for synergism. Zompro, Dr. Oliver (O.Z.). Zöller, Thomas (T.Z.)

Ravati, Alexander (A.R.) Klein-Hollerbach, Dr. Richard (R.K.) Vom Auto überrollen lassen und weiterlaufen, als wäre nichts geschehen?

Get homework help and answers to your toughest questions in biology, chemistry, physics, math, calculus, engineering, accounting, English, writing help, business, humanities, and more.

Landgraf, Dr. Uta (U.L.) Neumann, Prof. Dr. Herbert (H.N.) Risk of mortality among ∼3500 Indonesian preschool children by ocular status at the outset of each 3-month interval. Jendrsczok, Dr. Christine (Ch.J.) Just, Margit (M.J.)

Walter (W.L.) Potentiation or synergism occurs when a mixture of two or more drugs produces a greater response than expected (i.e., greater than the sum of their individual effects; Fig.

Figure 3. Corn following spring wheat, soybean, or canola yielded 13% less than corn following dry pea, whereas monoculture corn yielded only 57% of corn following dry pea. Synergism and antagonism. Fresh weight of foxtail millet was measured 7 weeks after emergence and did not vary among preceding crop treatments.

This article describes the confluence of two different approaches to biological numbers. Müller, Wolfgang Harry (W.H.M.)

Gassen, Prof. Dr. Hans-Günter Thus, the steroid binding domain (and perhaps tau2) may be required for “hetero-synergism” with other transcription factors (Lanz et al., 1993). Sachße (†), Dr. Hanns (H.S.)

Engeser, PD Dr. Theo (T.E.) Synergism, or biological interaction, is distinct from statistical interaction, which is model dependent.

Thomas C. Lee, ... A. Linn Murphree, in Retina (Fifth Edition), 2013, Therapeutic synergism is said to exist when the combined effect of two treatments is greater than summing the effect of each individually.

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