spiritual meaning of the month of july

Green works with our Heart Chakra. The upcoming full moon lunar eclipse will be a "penumbral" eclipse, which occurs when the moon passes through Earth's "penumbra," which is the outer part of the planet's cone-shaped shadow, according to Space.com. Physically light green relaxes your muscles and decreases allergic reactions. The Full Moon of July is most frequently referred to as the Buck Moon. Earth’s Sun being in Cancer at this time, symbolises a time of intuitive reflection and nourishment. July means Julius Caesar’s month. Sirius is even brighter than our own Sun, so many considered it to be the “Sun of the Sun”. Eclipses are powerful lunations that activate the North and South Node. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. In the healer’s kit a Water Lily poultice allays swelling and inflammation. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. July’s association with the number 7 speaks to us of seeking and being wary of things that seem too good to be true. The English gathered Larkspur on Summer Solstice for healing applications. The lovely red color of the Ruby made it one of the stones used anciently in wedding rituals to represent abiding love, passion and devotion. The Summer looks out from her brazen tower, through the flashing bars of July.” Seven vibrates with timeless questions and our soul’s mission. Saturn is the planet of limits, structure, and authority, while Pluto represents all that's hidden beneath the surface. Where is the Seed— It's also no coincidence ruthless Saturn will reenter its sign of rulership, Capricorn, on July 1 and join forces with Jupiter-Pluto retrograde, just days before for the eclipse. July was added to the year in 46 BC when he altered the Roman calendar and named a month after himself. More modern metaphysical applications include stimulating self-worth, motivation, ardor, focus and triumph. Answer Thee—Me—” ~ Emily Dickinson, “Now I take the summer off, relax, and I know that at the end of July we’re gonna start another season.” ~ Jerry Orbach, “It’s July and I have hope in who I am becoming.” ~ Charlotte Eriksso, “But here I am in July, and why am I thinking about Christmas pudding? Fire is bold, strong and courageous. If these activities include family and friends, its even better. Silver/blue gray is a neutral color that’s very staid. The first stock average is reported by Dow Jones (1884). July 4 is Independence Day, the day that the USA celebrates its birthday. Transylvanians used Larkspur around their herds and horses to protect them from spellcraft. England hosted the first Gay Pride march (1972). Other Ancient civilisations also believed that the meeting of the Sun and Sirius, the brightest start in the night sky, was a signifier of illumination and a time when light and truth would be shed on the world. In England July marks the closed season for deer hunting, which is why they call July the “fence month”. Take a nice long walk in the woods or another natural spot that’s not overly impeded by the concrete jungle.

That means whatever happens in July during these days is going to be BIG – ambitious and dramatic. As the Cancerian Sun and Sirius meet, the first week of July becomes a powerful and potent time for making conscious changes, spiritual advancements and bringing new insights into the world. The meeting of Sirius and the Sun is said to also be a successful time for business, profits, fame and domestic harmony. Mixed with a hint of blue you have a color that soothes and creates stability.

Silver is flexible – it adapts far more easily than gold. Some of the dates may not necessarily hold true for other parts of the world. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Every eclipse cycle has a story to tell and the last time Saturn traveled this close to powerful Pluto in Capricorn was on Jan. 12 2020, two days after the full moon lunar eclipse in Cancer. Sirius is the planet of higher consciousness, freedom and technological advancements.

A spiritual alternative is using July to get back in tune with Mother Earth. Don’t be surprised if suddenly everyone seems to read your moods in your face (and you, theirs). Wear it to increase your assets, alleviate deep-seated anger and restoring passion (both physical and emotional). The rainbow has Seven Colors, Seven days in a week and Seven notes in the diatonic scale. It is also around the time that the Sun meets with the highly mystical star, Sirius. Female recruits accepted into the Air Force for the first time (1948).

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