Sandstorm unofficially mentored Echosong, and taught her what she knew of medicine and healing, using the skills she learned from Cinderpelt. Langue de la version disponible en France.

2. StarClan[1] The two have remained mates and stayed very close throughout the rest of the series. Apprentices:

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Sandstorm pale ginger she-cat4 with barely visible stripes of darker fur,19 and leaf-green eyes.20 Sandstorm was a ThunderClan warrior who has served under Bluestar's, Firestar's, and Bramblestar's leaderships in the forest and lake territories.

When Firestar first came to the clan, Sandstorm didn't like him. Sandstorm is a slender, [12] sleek [13] pale ginger she-cat [1] with barely visible stripes of slightly darker fur [14] and large, [15] luminous, [13] pale green eyes.

Firestar and Sandstorm are current mates.

Sandstorm Book appearances Ce jeu est d'ailleurs le remake de Insurgency, précédemment sorti en 2014 sur PC. Sandstorm had many fights but always seemed to make up. Sandstorm was very upset when Firestar died at the end of the Last Hope, and constantly reminded him that he was on his last life throughout the book.

She served as one of Firestar's closest advisors, and when Firestar was killed in the Great Battle, Sandstorm mourned heavily for him. Sparrowpelt,[16] Echosong[13][note 2]

Feathertail,[17] Foxleap[18] Sandstorm[12]

Firestar and Sandstorm are current mates. Bramblepaw skidded to a stop beside one of the huge oak trees, he shook out his dark brown tabby fur, clearing it of leaves and other debris.


Eventually, Firestar became her mate, and together, they journeyed to rebuild SkyClan, where she was their unofficial medicine cat.

Le mode ranked est excellent. Approx. Pixel The Prophecies Begin, Ravenpaw's Path, The New Prophecy, Power of Three, Omen of the Stars, The Apprentice's Quest, Super Editions, Novellas, Code of the Clans, Battles of the Clans Les dieux seront bientôt parmi vous avec la Wootbox du mois de Novembre ! They have two daughters-Squirrelflight and Leafpool.

Find one here! Sandstorm is a slender,[21] pale ginger she-cat[4] with pale[22] leaf-green eyes.

Bramblestar asks her … Sandstorm[11] Leafpool, Squirrelflight Un FPS solide et très punitif. Past: est édité par Webedia. Squirrelflight, Firestar and Sandstorm's daughter, Leafpool, Firestar and Sandstorm's daughter. Sandstorm is a sleek pale ginger she-cat with barely visible stripes of darker fur and large, pale green eyes. Insurgency: Sandstorm est un FPS tactique développé par New World Interactive et le troisième opus de la série Insurgency. Mousefur will seem sweet and gentle next to me!"

Sandstorm[13][note 1] Affiliations


She is seen on many patrols such as, she went with Firestar and some other warriors to talk of peace with WindClan. Being a great hunter, she is able to catch much prey for ThunderClan, keeping the… Official art Ultimate Warrior Cats Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community.

Sandstorm[9] Sandstorm ascended to StarClan and thanked Alderpaw for rekindling her adventures with Firestar before reuniting with him. When Purdy doubts he can climb the cliff, Sandstorm reassures him. Senior warrior:

Queen: She constantly teased the newcomer, Firepaw, a former kittypet, and after Fireheart saved her life, Sandpaw grew to respect him.


He slips and Sandstorm attempts to pull him up, and succeeds with the help of Bramblestar. 1. Sandstorm[1]


Warriors Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community.

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She was much nicer to Firestar after that.

Elder: Dead Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Temporary apprentices: Throughout the book she comforts Firestar and remains calm even though cats are dying and going missing. Copyright © 1997-2020 Webedia.

She was much nicer to Firestar after that. Firestar told Sandstorm that he loved her in A Dangerous Path.

Présentée par le CIC, Esport Business de ES1 est votre nouvelle émission consacrée à l’économie du sport électronique.

While not an official medicine cat, she played the part while SkyClan was without one, using what she was taught by Cinderpelt.

After becoming a warrior, Sandstorm grew closer to Fireheart and mentored Sorreltail. Whitestorm[4]

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When Firestar earned his nine lives Spottedleaf had given him the gift of love and told him to use it well on Sandstorm.

She and Dustpelt help lift Briarlight onto Graystripe's back, and Bramblestar asks Sandstorm to help with Purdy after Briarlight is sorted. Feeling her age, she retired to the elders' den alongside Graystripe, and while she was unsatisfied staying in the elders' den, Sandstorm journeyed alongside Alderpaw and his companions to find SkyClan, but succumbed to an infected shoulder wound.

Bramblepaw x Firestar x Sandstorm. Medicine cat:


The Apprentice's Quest, Squirrelflight's Hope, Sandstorm pale ginger she-cat[4] with barely visible stripes of darker fur,[19] and leaf-green eyes.[20]. Sandstorm as a warrior.

Firestar had saved Sandstorm from falling into the gorge and suggested to Bluestar after a battle that she (and Dustpelt) fought like warriors, earning her her warrior name. Sandstorm was a ThunderClan warrior who has served under Bluestar's, Firestar's, and Bramblestar's leaderships in the forest and lake territories.

119 moons (9.9 years)[5] at death[6][7] Warrior: Living

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