Added taxes. Fix $dates array in Product model. We ensure the high quality of our plugins and provide you with full support.

Bride and … Requires Toolbox plugin version 1.18.0 and later. Replied You can download lame bootstrap theme, or buy $100 theme with one example of our filter plugin usage (not confirmed, I will not be surprised if not). on Shopaholic is a scalable and highly flexible e-commerce ecosystem for October CMS. Our code conforms with the best writing and structuring practices. Oh you need links in your breadcrumbs? 24 Oct, 2019. Add menu types for integration with the StaticPage plugin. We're a small team of October CMS enthusiasts working hard on making it the best platform for e-commerce! Shopaholic provides a possibility to build the eStore for free. 22 Jan, 2018. All of our plugins have extensive documentation.

Thanks for contribution Gerald.

Couples Autumn Outfits. Add integration with "Compare for Shopaholic", Add integration with Search for Shopaholic / Sphinx for Shopaholic plugins. I fully agree that there is bad documentation, but there is hope that it will be, since it appeared Want to know how to use our "useful" paid plugins in your frontend theme? Please, read this GitHub issue #4309 and share your thoughts about it. It would make life easier for everyone. Refactoring *Store, *Item, *Collection classes. Since your review has been published we've released a brand new very detailed documentation, which can be found on the official website For this money, a customer gets a fully functional online store that can be customized in the future when the appropriate budget will be available. We will not provide a working code example for that nested categories you needed, here take a dumb simple parentCategory/category example of linkless breadcumbs. 27 Dec, 2019. 18 Jan, 2019, The main reason why we've started to develop Shopaholic was exactly that it didn't exist a couple of years ago! Using Shopaholic, you get stable and reliable code-base, easy to extend functionality, ready-made themes, quick and careful support by the core team despite there's detailed documentation. There is a long list of extensions for Shopaholic on our roadmap and we're focusing on them at the moment. 4 Dec, 2019, You have to paid too much money for simple eshop solution. The component allows to work with ProductCollection class objects. Added German language. 5 May, 2020. Please fix so I can test it. Ignoring that fact is quite strange and suspicious behavior. It is constantly evolving and getting better. Add active() method to CategoryCollection class. Add event "shopaholic.sorting.get.list" for custom sorting of products. The answer to your issue can be found here. Added PromoBlockItem, PromoBlockCollection classes. Added annotations for integration with Digital product for Shopaholic plugin. We're sorry for any inconvenience.

High unit tests coverage (from 80%) to ensure supreme quality and reliability.

Use SHOPA10K coupon to get a 50% discount for all official and partner products!.

4 Mar, 2020. . I’ll talk at the end of the presentation about what I think is the future of open source in 3.0 and point out some of the interesting innovations that are currently happening on both the technological and business side. New FREE Shopaholic Bootstrap Theme Available! Axiam - Responsive E-Commerce October CMS Theme based on Shopaholic Plugin. The method helps to render breadcrumbs list of category page. Fixed support of wildcard params in CategoryPage component. Added new global settings: size unit measure, weight unit measure, piece unit measure. ), Extend online payment options by adding additional payment providers (via, Create custom products filters by any essence (e.g. Constantly dissecting a demo is still a pleasure. Requires Toolbox plugin version 1.26.0 and later, Added step attribute to offer price field in backend view. Removed deleted offers from sorting by price. Found the plugin useful Basic products filtering (by category, brand etc.) Besides, we have successful experience in contributing to the open-source core. Shopaholic stands out in the crowd of other e-сommerce website solutions with its modular approach and unique philosophy to e-сommerce design and development. Found the plugin useful Headless e-commerce, you know! We believe each project has a custom UI. Found the plugin not useful Hi, demo site not opening please check!!!!!!!!!!!!

You're right, Shopaholic is modular by its nature. Fixed bug with deactivating items in import from XML files. On the other hand, it provides a clean and smooth back-end UI/UX that isn't over-bloated with the features. 4 Dec, 2019. 23 Feb, 2018. Thx for your support! Add integration with "Viewed products for Shopaholic" plugin. Stay tuned! We believe low-budget projects should use ready-made solutions such as Sneakers Shop for Shopaholic Bundle. Example: render ob breadcrumbs for category page.

Buy Customizable and mobile-friendly e-commerce theme for Shopaholic designed especially for an online shoe store. You left two fully opposite reviews on competing products at one time, where the one is flawless, and the other is completely crap.

on :), Replied Knee Length Lace Insert Denim Shorts - Light Blue-0. His donation made this feature available for everyone. The complete official documentation of the ecosystem can be found here.

Added import product, offers, categories, brands from CSV file in backend. It's awful advice! Free Laravel-based e-commerce platform with a large set of extensions - Shopaholic e-commerce platform #1 for October CMS (Laravel) Added customizable import from xml file. Added "deactivate" fields to config of XmlImportSettings model. Detailed release descriptions, in-depth cases analysis, success stories and much more…. In conclusion: The Shopaholic ecosystem is excellent. on Review for Shopaholic - 10$ Found the plugin useful As for technical stuff, we are confidently and responsible for the quality of architecture and any line of the code. Is it expensive? But we're working on a bunch of the new themes (including free) so that they can be taken as the basis of a new project with a custom design. Added shopaholic:check.table.integrity artisan command. Check out the theme's live demo version. on Replied on Faced with the need to refine part of the catalog for our needs - quickly received feedback and support from the developers. We know it. Ok, we will duplicate your images once putting them into separate attachments storage and also as many times as you have to use the same image url. Get collection of brands, apply sorting + filter by flag "active", Get brand collection, apply sorting + filter by flag "active" + Pagination component. We hope to fix it in the next few days. Data import (product, offers, categories, brands) from a CSV/XML file. Payment gateway integration for Shopaholic. Added price types. So, Shopoholic is the best and the only choice in the marketplace at the moment. 3 Mar, 2020. For example, if you need pretty standatd breadcrumbs, documentation tells you how to do it by 30%. Found the plugin useful Thanks for contribution vosco88. You can download lame bootstrap theme, or buy $100 theme with one example of our filter plugin usage (not confirmed, I will not be surprised if not). What, you already have an organized image hierarchy? But let’s be honest, valid, and comprehensive while making judgments. Fixed permissions for promo block menu item. So feel free to develop your plugins for the ecosystem. The more business innovation we have, the larger the developer community, which spurs more technological innovation, which increases the economic incentives for open source. Payment gateway integration for Shopaholic.

Adding ability to get list of products by category ID list, by the parent category ID. 8 Dec, 2017. on We hope someone who is ready, reads these words. Casual Dress Up. Let's start getting acquainted with plugin and take the first steps with quick start guide: The full plugin documentation is available here.

Free E-Commerce Bootstrap for Shopaholic theme is now available on October's marketplace. At the same time, the client will get a good product and constant updates. After that, we plan to publish a lot of themes from simple basis theme to ready for use fully customizable theme. Thank you for using Shopaholic! ?️, Found the plugin useful And made it more powerful with the paid plugins.

Added translation into French. We appreciate your positive feedback! Regardless of the installation type you choose, you must install Toolbox plugin, which is a required dependency for Shopaholic. While comparing the cost of Shopaholic with other major e-commerce platforms you should compare the cost of extending the provided functionality and the cost of the project ownership in the future. Found the plugin useful

Thank you for using Shopaholic and for such high praise! The method helps to render breadcrumbs list of product page. And to be honest, I do not understand why demo fragments are not used in components. 24 Mar, 2018, Replied Added ability to show catalog with active price type. We came across the issue with the certificate reissue on the domain registrar side. Adding additional cache cleaning for the sorted list of brands, after the creation of a new brand. Everyone complains that the cost of extensions is allegedly high. ;). Found the plugin useful Yandex Kassa for Shopaholic - 15$, For the development of such a store, the client will pay 1500-2000$. We have published a Mighty SEO plugin for managing SEO fields. But really, if you think about it... Buy you a standard set of gentleman for the client store. Octobercms Ecommerce Theme with Powerful Eshop & Blog Capabilities and an easy Page Builder system. We're happy you enjoy our products. Replace code of product sorting by popularity and rating from Shopaholic to extension plugins. The component allows to work with CategoryItem class objects. You should have paid attention to the fact that no one official Shopaholic plugin has a view code part (MVC). Easy-peasy! Paid plugins allow users to make it easier and faster, saving their money as a result. 28 May, 2020. Every single thing has its own pros and cons. The method returns array with breadcrumbs items (field list: id, name, slug, active).

This is how open-source works! Alright, buy this, and you'll get a server-side-only ability to add/remove/list items in compare list, no code examples, no template examples, do EVERYTHING on your own. Princess Graduation Party Night. Added Japanese language. !!! I wish my code was just as awesome), Replied 7 Apr, 2020, Thx for your positive review! But there's a lot of ways to get the needed information: We're always ready to help when it requested. Since the blow to the pocket will be tangible. The most popular e-commerce ecosystem for October CMS, Saves your resources and customer's money.

on Thanks for contribution philmarc. Add additional cache cleaning after category reordering, Remove php short tags from offers/update.htm, preview_image, images fields in item classes returns \System\Models\File class objects. Shopaholic eCommerce extension: allows to search products, categories, tags, brands using laravel Scout. We plan to switch the theme on it from UI Kit to Bootstrap one with the support of all of the plugins on the front-end.

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