[28] The mufti of Egypt ruled that the campus ban on the niqab did not contravene the Sharia, but in March 1988 the Council of State's Administrative Court overturned the ban. [21] In a response to a series of demonstrations orchestrated by the Islamists, Sadat banned Islamist student organisations and prohibited women from wearing the niqab on Egypt's university campuses.

The niqab is a veil that covers the face, leaving only the eyes exposed. The Administrative Judiciary Court allowed universities to ban female students who wear the niqāb from taking mid-year exams. Al Ameera Muslim Hijab Cotton Amira 2 Piece Hood & Hijab Tube Underscarf Cap. “They pushed me a little bit and started laughing; I was so heartbroken.”. [22]

Although the phenomenon of wearing the niqāb, a veil which covers the face is not as common, the niqab in Egypt has become more prevalent. [24] Regardless of their varied motivations for adopting Islamic clothing, what women wore became more of a political statement. Still others say that what is written in the Qur’an and in hadiths cannot be denied--that Muslim women must cover up. “By banning the burka or niqab you are preventing some women in freely practising what they believe in,” she said. But some hadiths describe the Prophet Muhammad as saying that if a woman doesn’t follow the rules of Islamic dress, her place in paradise, along with her husband’s, father’s' and sons’ places in paradise, will be jeopardized. So what exactly is the burka? [23], Many scholars attribute the rise of women's Islamic dress to the accessibility of higher education for women from lower middle class who were new to Cairo and felt uncomfortable with Western fashions. After Sadat's assassination by Islamists in 1981, President Mubarak executed Sadat's assassins and kept in force the 1979 restrictions on student activities and imposed a state of emergency in September 1981. What do Islam and the Qur’an exactly say about modest clothing for women? But it has come to signify the headscarf, which is the covering many Muslim women use to hide their hair, neck, and often bosom. I wear it for cultural reasons, but there are many women who wear it for religious reasons.”. The niqab is a veil that conceals the face. Despite that the niqāb ban was limited to all-female settings, the al-Azhar niqāb ban still created public controversy. Our traditional square hijab ranges from 45 x 45 inch square sizes to oversize headscarves which measure up to 52″ x 52 inches or more. Of course not all Muslim women follow these rules of modest dressing. Some Muslim countries (like Saudi Arabia) require Muslim women to cover up.

[18] According to Margot Badran, the editor and translator of Hoda Shaarawi's memoir, Harem Years, this act signaled the end of the harem system in Egypt and the start of the elite women entering the public sphere.
Which one should you choose to wear? And for some women, it’s not a choice. [3] It consisted of a full-length skirt, a head cover, and al-burqu’, which was the face-cover from below the eyes down to the chest. Men are allowed to expose more of their body but are encouraged by Muslim scripture to cover up and avoid tight clothing. In what would prove to be his final speech, Sadat ridiculed the Islamic garb worn by pious women, which he called a "tent". [1] A majority of Egyptian women cover at least their hair with the hijab. While jellabiyas and long beards were symbols of assertive male Islamists on campus, women's dress was the most obvious and charged symbol of the Islamist movement. However, the battle still continued when Ain Shams University decided to ban niqāb-wearing faculty members from teaching at the university and entering lectures, from the 2010-2011 academic year, when educational activities require communication between the students and faculty .[50]. For others it means wearing loose robes as well.

Other parameters (as stated in hadiths) are that women shouldn’t dress so as to look like men, women shouldn’t dress in a way similar to those who don’t believe in God, and the clothing should be modest, neither ragged nor overly fancy. But now face masks are mandatory. Some don’t ever cover their hair.

[22] While a few women in Egypt wear a black niqab along with a billowing black abaya as seen in countries such as Saudi Arabia, many choose to wea… [21] He strategically attempted to make peace with the Islamists, gradually releasing imprisoned members of the Muslim Brotherhood and did not obstruct the Islamist's takeover of university student unions. Thus, when she declared the beginning of an organized feminist struggle called the Egyptian Feminist Union, Shaarawi noted that Egyptian women were calling for restoring their lost rights and reclaiming their national heritage, and not imitating the West.

However, it may be worn with a separate eye veil. [52] The ban would come into force at the beginning of next year if it was not overturned. In the mid-seventies, the rising Islamist phenomenon was visible in Egyptian streets and universities through women's dress. Some women argue that modesty is a state of mind and has nothing to do with clothing.

Although the phenomenon of wearing the niqāb, a veil which covers the face is not as common, the niqab in Egypt has become more prevalent. [25] As much as the State wished it, al-Azhar could not condemn this movement [25]. [14] In March 1987, 5000 students demonstrated for three days and abused the dean of the Faculty of Medicine for barring a face-veiled student from campus. 99.

This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. The Grand Mufti and Shaykh of al-Azhar, Muhammad Sayyid Tantawy, issued a fatwa stating that the niqāb is not a requirement in Islam.

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