Signed-off-by: Fredrik Noring , diff --git a/arch/mips/include/asm/uasm.h b/arch/mips/include/asm/uasm.h, diff --git a/arch/mips/mm/uasm-mips.c b/arch/mips/mm/uasm-mips.c, static const struct insn insn_table[insn_invalid] = {. The reason for this is that, > clang treats unused functions as errors. > programs" or "programs compiled by GCC". The AND, OR, and XOR instructions can alternatively source one of the operands from a 16-bit immediate (which is zero-extended to 32 bits). To support efficient unaligned memory accesses, there are load/store word instructions suffixed by "left" or "right".

# EE stands for Emotion Engine...lame!

> Nevertheless, it may be helpful to add such a statement.

We must be able to test scenarios in, > could serve as a simplified test. >> Now you mention native compilation.

>> illogical, but not breaking the bisect takes precedence.

GCC and libc also emit certain MIPS III and IV, > instructions that are not implemented in R5900 hardware. >> Don't forget to run on all your patches. > Don't forget to run on all your patches. The two low-order bits always contain zero since MIPS I instructions are 32 bits long and are aligned to their natural word boundaries. MIPS I requires all memory accesses to be aligned to their natural word boundaries, otherwise an exception is signaled. The R5000 and R7000 found use in high-end embedded systems, personal computers, and low-end workstations and servers.

Link. The floating-point control registers were not extended for compatibility. full set of branch-and-link which compare a register against zero (e.g. Space on the stack is reserved in case the callee needs to save its arguments, but the registers are not stored there by the caller.

[16] The program was intended to open up access to the most recent versions of both the 32-bit and 64-bit designs making them available without any licensing or royalty fees as well as granting participants licenses to existing MIPS patents. [13] MIPS32 is based on MIPS II with some additional features from MIPS III, MIPS IV, and MIPS V; MIPS64 is based on MIPS V.[13] NEC, Toshiba and SiByte (later acquired by Broadcom) each obtained licenses for MIPS64 as soon as it was announced. These instructions source their operands from two GPRs or one GPR and a 16-bit immediate (which is sign-extended to 32 bits), and write the result to a third GPR.

SIMD operations are basic arithmetic, shifts and some multiply-accumulate type operations. WepSIM[43] is a browser-based simulator where a subset of MIPS instructions are micro-programmed. It is only defined for 32-bit MIPS, but GCC has created a 64-bit variation called O64.[29].

multiply and divide instructions redefined so that they use a single register for their result).

MIPS IV was designed to mainly improve floating-point (FP) performance.

I agree that there are probably better wordings. They have mostly faded out of the personal, server, and application space.

I agree that there are probably better wordings. The base MIPS III 64-bit ISA was set as far back as > in 1991. [3]:40 These instructions improve performance in certain cases by allowing useful instructions to fill the branch delay slot. In particular, this avoids issues with cross compilation.

[29] The N32 and N64 ABIs pass the first eight arguments to a function in the registers $a0-$a7; subsequent arguments are passed on the stack. Jumps have two versions: absolute and register-indirect. > > native compilation of several packages under QEMU. > rejected.

Register $0 is hardwired to zero and writes to it are discarded. By default, the operands are interpreted as signed integers.

Unless the branch delay slot is filled by an instruction performing useful work, an nop is substituted.

In one instance, the code comment is more complicated than the. MIPS (Microprocessor without Interlocked Pipelined Stages) is ... the R5900, was used in Sony Computer Entertainment's Emotion Engine, which powered its PlayStation 2 game console.

> accordingly by QEMU. conditional branch on zero/non-zero with a 21-bit offset.

[4][5] MIPS32/64 primarily differs from MIPS I–V by defining the privileged kernel mode System Control Coprocessor in addition to the user mode architecture. MIPS is a modular architecture supporting up to four coprocessors (CP0/1/2/3).

The only new floating-point instructions added were those to copy doublewords between the CPU and FPU convert single- and double-precision floating-point numbers into doubleword integers and vice versa.

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