It came out very pretty!! I usually just darn the ends. I would like to know if there is a way to print the pattern--I would be willing to buy the pattern in order to print it, because I cannot take my computer with me while I am knitting! Below is what Row 17 is supposed to say:17th Rnd: K1, * yrn, s1, k1, psso, k5, k2tog, yrn, k3, rep from * ending last repeat k2 If it's that pattern, I'm surprised the issue hasn't come up before, as I posted the pattern to Google some time ago -- wonder what happened? I imagine I could do other sizes as well, but would probably have to post with a notation that those haven't been tested. This was a recent VERY POPULAR Friday Night Mystery Knit. Congratulations on the coming baby! . Keep Your Wee One Warm With This Beautiful Bert Knitted Baby Hat, Ravelry: Duet Baby Hat pattern by marianna mel. Feb 23, 2019 - This is a really cute little baby hat suitable for boy or girl. I've tried a lot of your patterns and there very simple to follow so thankyou x I'm going to knit this 1/3 hat I just wondered if you knew a simple pull on mitten for this age please ,I can't do the Ines with a finger in mialsomwant to make a matching scarf I wud be very grateful, Hi Marianna!I just knitted your pattern as a gift for my cousin's little girl: enjoyed it and so easy to follow, will be sure to try more of your patterns in the future :)Many thanks,Sara. I am making my first all in one cardi which I am loving making. Annie-Claude,Marianna's Lazy Daisy Days has a group on Facebook. Thanking you so very much. As a new knitter, I thank you for your wonderful easy to read patterns.

Shape Top ~ Several people suggested that the hat would be perfect for charity knitting. Thanks! Explore. Fabric Crafts. I love knitting this stitch ....... and as loads of knitters lik. Thanks Betty, I did comment on a spot that was dated a few years ago and I'm grateful that you are still reading! [S1, k1, * yrn, s1, k1, psso, k5, k2tog, yrn, k3, rep from * to end (ending k2)]. The pattern between ** is ending at K3, do you mean to say that in the end after the last repeat we have to do additional K2?? I have spent a small fortune buying patterns only to find that they are too complicated for a beginner.

These are so very simple.

I use the magic loop method. Yes April Rose - you are correct - slip 1Happy knitting. . Darn away ends." Thread tail onto a needle and pass through remaining stitches. Thanks Lynda, hello, i love this pattern and im making the small prem all in one top (37sts) and was wondering if these a hat pattern to match or how many stitches would i cast on to make the hat. I'm afraid I'm not much help to you, as I don't use magic loop. I have also started knitting the hats for my local hospital. :), Hi Kerstin - new size now added for a toddler ........ hope you enjoy making it! Thank you for sharing with us. Saved from . Want to do this in the round with do i convert..thank you. youtube tutorials for visual learners. I am just about to finish the all-in-one cardigan (size 1-3 for my daughter) and I thought I should take a look for a matching hat. Next Row:      *K3, I love making baby hats to donate to groups and charities that I support. I've converted the All-In-One Matching Hat to circular, rather than flat knitting (but only the first set of instructions for 0-3 months and 6 months). Seemed a lot to try to post in a reply, so I just emailed a copy to you. original designs 1 2... 10 of 10. next page → ROMA Baby Blanket marianna's lazy daisy days ... Pumpkin Baby Hats marianna's lazy daisy days 4 516 26. Free knitting and crochet patterns. Yes Betty - your reply is correct. What does 'ending K2 means in this step?? Hope to start hat today. Next Row:      S1, purl to last st, k1

See more ideas about Baby knitting patterns free, Baby knitting patterns, Crochet baby. Love the pattern, but very frustrated that I cannot print it. Super cute and so easy to knit ! What should I do now if I am short of one stitch.Pls pls reply now.

You can buy this pattern in my ravelry…, Ravelry: Isolation Compensation Bunting pattern by marianna mel. Can't wait to knit these and give away as gifts. Repeat the last 4 rows four times more Good luck! With a yarn needle, pull the yarn The instrustions were easy to follow.

hi the pattern is lovely, and as I have knitted the all in one top I would love to do this hat also, but would you be able to do a pattern for it for a 6 month old baby? I have been meaning to write a pattern for something like this for a long time. If that doesn't work, we'll try something else. DIY and Crafts. That should be psso, I think, which is pass slip stitch over. I knit a lot for charity (and for a few friends who are having grandbabies) and your little tops and hats always get squeals of delight. yarn ideas.

Travel theme. That's what happens when you proof-read your own work--sorry about that. M x, Thank you so much for all of your patterns that you share with us i have been knitting since i was 13 now nearly 66 i find that your patterns are so easy to understand and it is lovely to have some new patterns a few years ago i knitted 159 pairs of mitts all sizes for the shoes boxes for the 3rd world country's such easy patterns thank you from sue can you do some rag dolls.

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