lego batman walkthrough

Use the Riddler on the Riddler window to gain access to the next door. Founder, Developer and Blogger for GameplayInside! Above you will find the Demolition Suit. To the left you'll find two pressure plates, stand on both of these to activate the fan. Build the tightrope point and cross the tightrope. Use the Moth to float to the balcony across the way and then build a tightrope for the Joker. Proceed through the gate and into the building. Circle him until he tires of shooting his freeze ray then hit him to defeat him and end the level. Climb up the tree and head across the bridge with the Moth. Once you've hit her enough the level will come to an end. The locations of the LEGO canisters, red power bricks and hostages have been included in the walkthrough whenever necessary. Quickly build the bulldozer from the heap of LEGO pieces and batter the iron gate, mowing down all who dare to oppose you in the process. Go in the tiny door to find the boss, see the lazers? It will destroy the controls and open it for you. This will make the buckets hard so you can cross over them. Hop over to the ledge and build the fan to blow away the rest of the gas and open the doors. Now simply rush him and beat him until he goes down. Make your way through the next area and you'll eventually climb a ladder which will lead you to the boss fight. In the first area, you must destroy everything you can. Level 6 – Once Upon A Time Machine in the West, Level 10 – All Your Bricks Are Belong To Us, LEGO Batman Level 2 – The Fortress Of Solitude, LEGO Batman Level 4 – Attack Of The Uber Villains, Fantastic Beasts Level 1 – Accruing Interest, Fantastic Beasts Level 3 – A Walk In The Park, Fantastic Beasts Level 4 – A Trial With Style, Fantastic Beasts Level 5 – Demiguise Double Cross, Fantastic Beasts Level 6 – Obscurus For-Sure-Us, Ghostbusters Level 1 – Paranormal Beginnings, Ghostbusters Level 3 – The Mercado Building, Ghostbusters Level 4 – Breaking The Barrier, Ghostbusters Level 5 – The Battle For Times Square, Ghostbusters Level 6 – The Final Showdown, The Simpsons – The Mysterious Voyage Of Homer, Doctor Who – The Dalek Extermination Of Earth, Best Friend Forever Review: Ruff Around The Edges. Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned Cheats In this level you will attempt to defeat a boss called Killer Croc. Get clayface to pull away all the lorry, till you upon a car, pull the car to the giant orange square button (*Hint) then pull the lever, you are now gonna build a car, just keep on building. Defeat the thugs then smash all the objects and build a costume plate for Batman.

There is a small garden to the back left where you'll see some off-white dancing bits. You'll find a building with a Sonic Suit in it but unable to reach it. X360 This will activate some stairs for the Penguin to climb. Now break the two black gargoyle like objects to the back and build a spinner from them. You will need to put the zip-line together and make your way across the gap to collect the Demolition Suit. This will prevent an infinite amount of thugs piling out to fight you. You'll need to jump the bridge to reach it.

Proceed into the next area and destroy everything in sight. With all pieces destroyed you will notice bouncing lego blocks.

Use batman’s sensor suit on the left (or right) side. To do this, you can either finish building the tractor with the plow in the back or you can build an entire new one to the front by destroying all the plants in the garden and then building it out of the bits that appear. Now switch to the Scarecrow and pick up some torpedos and hit the turrets with them so they shot the police chopper for you. Leap over the fence to the right to proceed past the toxic waste blocking the street. You can also find him on YouTube as Disney Dan! Step back outside and drive the vacuum vehicle inside and clean up the toxic waste. At the top have Robin flip the lever a few times then have Batman do the same on the ground level until the entrance to Ice Cream Factory opens for you to enter. Head to the right and have Croc rip the door off the wall and proceed through the tunnel Drop down and smash everything you see. Then, grapple up to a catwalk. Use a Batarang to open the gate in the center. Use the tractor to drive through the fence and then through the gate to the left. Change into the Magnetic Suit and follow the street to the open area in the back. Every admirer of the DC universe, as well as players who've just started getting to know it, should take interest in this game. Freeze. Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham is the next episode of the LEGO series. The trick here is to smash the objects in the center of the room to build both a sound projector and a crank to control it. If you are having trouble, find the super plants in the back, then follow the tubes back to the pumps and destroy them. Ride the air from this up to the balcony. The pieces of these will fall to the ground. You'll now need to make your way across the rooftops to the right. We had so much fun playing through all six levels, finding all the amazing secret areas, easter eggs, Continue moving through the level until you see green goo. There, you will do the same thing, but you must find everything possible to destroy. Call of Duty: Black Ops II Cheats, NDS Now push that to the right and back to power the turbine. They'll be hiding inside of two bells to start with. Use the demo suit to destroy the fence to reach the rooftop. Break through the window and take out the Riddler Henchman or Riddler Goon to free him/her. Push the block to the left to close the freezing air on the left, then stand on the small levers to the right with both characters to stop the freezing air on right of the door. Once on the other side destroy everything until you see bouncing lego blocks. Have both characters stand on either one of these to stop the freezing air from blocking your path. Mind control the guard on the right and have him go to the far left to pull the lever and open the gate. Build the strange hanging thing and double jump the gap to the other side.

Make your way through this hole with Batman and Robin. This will reveal the pieces needed to make a costume plate.

Continue to the right and jump start the machine with the Joker's buzzer. Fight and smash your way to the right. Continue to the right over the bouncing plants to find a section of hot Lego. Now pull the trigger and valves will open and the water level will drop. Defeat the police down below and then have Bane toss the back of the swat truck aside. Break the Legos there and build a tightrope point that Catwoman can use to reach the ledge. Break all the objects to the right and build a Batman costume change plate. Share: stLight.options({ publisher:'2c893999-73ed-42d5-9497-31507d2d27d5' }); Categories: Mac Walkthroughs, News, PC Walkthroughs, PS3 Walkthroughs, PSP Walkthroughs, Videos, Walkthroughs, Wii Walkthroughs, Xbox 360 Walkthroughs, Everything is awesome! There you'll find a mine dispenser for the Joker to use. Continue to the right. Below we’ve put together a COMPLETE guide to all the collectibles and a short walkthrough on how to collect them in all six levels. All have withstood the test of time and continue to live prominently in the hearts of young and old folk alike. Have Ivy jump onto the brown hanging pot in the back then have the Riddler push it the spinner around to raise the pot and Ivy.

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