legion of super heroes 3 review

Saturn Girl uses her powers on Crav.

The rest of Legion of Super-Heroes #3’s time is spent with Superboy. Let’s start with Superboy. The reason for that is because this plotline is completely vapid.

So. We then get the five-page scene on Rimbor with the Legion taking down Crav.

Scheduled to arrive in stores: January 15, 2020 Cover date: March 2020 “Legion of Super-Heroes” Writer: Brian Michael Bendis Penciller: Ryan Sook and Travis Moore Inker: Ryan Sook and Wade von Grawbadger Cover: Ryan Sook Variant Cover: Jim Cheung. All of the characters have excellent facial expressions. Perhaps Bendis has a low regard for the intelligence of the average modern male teen.

Ultra Boy says that they do not need to worry about Damien Wayne.

The story appears to have little to no direction or purpose as the first two issues have been lazily paced. Required fields are marked *. ), Jon says that Robin is the perfect person to investigate the mystery of Aquaman’s trident. Imra says that they have to put Damien back into the past. They marvel at how Planet Gotham is so clean. Bendis just keeps giving the reader the same thing over and over again with this plotline. The Legion comes across as so lame and dull that I doubt many new readers will be excited by what Bendis has to offer in this issue. I love the design for Crav Nah. The result was a title that offered the reader a complex read with lots of story content and plot progression. This is hard for me to accept, as this is supposed to be the premier superhero team of their age.

Tortor suddenly appears and says that he is here to rescue Mordru. Mon-El and Shadow Lass are an iconic couple. Tortor says that they must hurry before the Legionnaires arrive to question Mordru.

Tortor asks why the Legion has it and what can they do with the trident. I love this!


It is shocking that any editor at DC would think that this is appropriate.

The Legion of Super-Heroes is still lacking a unique identity and a mission statement. And having been given this only makes me want to have the Super Sons back . Cosmic Boy says that they are here to help. Yeah, it was cool to see Mordru flex his powers, but there was literally zero plot progression at all in this scene.

I am fine with there being a few ancillary threads running between the present-day DCU and Legion and the 31st century. While this is the obvious path to take to advance the plot, my frustration comes in how little is actually achieved with the forwarding of said plot. Why should the reader care about why the various characters want to get the trident? It is pretty much the same approach that Bendis is taking with Superboy.

With a mixture of closeups accompanied by colorful backgrounds, it’s an easy and fun read that I couldn’t stop looking at. The panel layouts are creative and vary from page to page.

Ultra Boy’s father appears on the scene.

There are also some major hints dropped about what Damian will grow into.

Chameleon Boy replies that he was hoping Lighting Lad had an idea.

Crav punches Cosmic Boy.

He plays like some sort of C-list Conan villain willing to beat up his own son to prove a point. When can this terribly beaten down and not funny gag be dropped? I am stunned at how Bendis continues to write Jon as a complete and utter buffoon.

That is why Bendis has always shined on solo titles like Daredevil and Ultimate Spider-Man, but struggled and collapsed on team titles or big events. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I dig the tattoo on his chest that is the same design as Ultra Boy’s logo. There are plots and subplots. Dawnstar says that Mon-El arrested Crav. I am definitely looking forward to Mordru’s inevitable escape and finally clashing with the Legion in spectacular fashion.

The plotting and pacing continue to be a mess. Bendis then ends Legion of Super-Heroes #3 with Brainy revealing that the Legion’s existence is tied to Damien Wayne’s future. So why in the hell would Cham think that this was a job for him then?! Christ.

It is touches like this that makes the story more immersive. That would be like an alien from another planet arriving on Earth in our current time period and then referencing a historical Earth person from the 9th century. Long-time fans are sure to be disappointed with this issue. I hope some of the glimpses of characters we are given here continue to be explored in future issues.

Damian and Jon still seem like friends this issue, but Damian doesn’t have all that much to do in Legion of Super-Heroes #3.

Dawnstar arrives on the scene and says that they have been looking for Superboy. Stupid. Again, there is nothing new at all in this scene. (This is such a terrible idea!) Yes.

), Cosmic Boy says that the orientation is their perspective on how and why Superboy is needed here. Ultra Boy sidesteps the question and says that he represents all of Rimbor as a member of the Legion.

Plus, it is a fun Easter egg hunt to decipher the Interlac to see what messages Bendis is sending the reader.

The Legion spends this issue alternating between being stumped and screwing up. We finally get a second plotline in the form of the mystery around Damien Wayne and how he influences the 31st century. I love how shit flies in literally out of nowhere.) As we head to the third issue of the Legion of Super-Heroes, Bendis has failed to establish any plot line other than the singular plot line involving Aquaman’s trident.

There was zero new information conveyed to the reader.

And the problems with Bendis’ version of Jon do not stop with him being written as an idiot.

I like that Bendis is establishing this design as a Nah family symbol. Crav says that her powers do not work on him.

Take a second to support GeekDad and GeekMom on Patreon! While the lack of story progression disappointed me, I continue to greatly enjoy the individuals within this story. I feel like Fozzy Bear needs to be in all of these scenes constantly saying “Waka-waka!!!”.

I guess this is Bendis being “creative” and showing how “unique” this Fourboot Legion really is. Mild Mannered Reviews – Legion of Super-Heroes #3.

I am also less than thrilled with this Damien Wayne plotline because it continues to bind and restrict the Legion to the 21st century DCU. I look forward to growing as a writer and bettering my craft in my time here! Three issues of that. The franchise flourishes when the Legion is their own independent franchise with their own rich and unique setting that stands on its own feet. I wish writers would abandon this Damian is destined to for evil motif.

Bendis has already gone out of his way to show that nearly everything in the 31st century is directly due to Superboy.

Fantastic plotting.) Introduce a new plot-line and then immediately have a character tell the reader that the new plotline is unimportant.).

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Introduce a new plot-line and then immediately have a character tell the reader that the new plotline is unimportant. (This. Bendis has completely failed to perform any character work in these first three issues.

Crav asks where is his trident.

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