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She is often quite ruthless in obtaining her goals and Ava's drive for perfection has left many discarded friendships in her wake. Ava complimented Sara's retreat in which Sara admitted that facing the Dahrk's is suicide without careful planning, she asked Ava to contact the Time Bureau in bringing in back-up.

After retrieving the Chalice, Ava, who made sure that Sara did not drink too much, took a sip of its potion like all of the Legends, except Zari Tarazi (who withheld because she is Muslim). Both of them unable to gain the upper hand, they ultimately collapsed in sheer exhaustion, grabbing some water. Both women celebrated it with another bottle of wine. After Lachesis and Atropos stole the Waverider, they caused the England Zombie Apocalypse to kill the Legends.

[20], Charlie succeeded in convincing her sisters that the Legends should be allowed to live, so they were made into fictional characters on Fate+, written by Clotho Productions; Ava was turned into the highly logical Co-captain Ava, the partner of Co-captain Sara of the USS Faterider on the television show, "Star Trip", tasked with stopping the schemes of Dahn. Even Norse and Celtic mythology are only Older Than Print; although they're derived at least in part from earlier (unwritten) stories, the details are fundamentally un-dateable. She later became the director of the Time Bureau after Grodd killed her predecessor, Wilbur Bennett, soon joining the Legends. Ava was initially on bad terms with Sara and the Legends since she thought they were a danger to the timeline. Plutarch is considered one of the earliest biographers, with his 23 pairs of biographies collectively titled, About 150 years before Plutarch, Sima Qian's.

Ava shyly suggested to Sara that they now could live together. In any event, all of the Old and New Testaments were written before the fall of Rome. Ava is very intelligent, incredibly ambitious, and always believes she is the most intelligent individual in the room. Original multiverseTime BureauLegendsSirens of Space-Time (aberration timeline)New multiverseTime Bureau (formerly)LegendsDelta Chi Sigma ", a sympathetic figure who refused the command because it would violate the First Commandment. When Sara was knocked out by Mick Rory who gained the power to use the Fire Totem, Ava was able to contact Sara through the dark dimension and helped her return.

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Ava loves reading and one of her favorite novels is.

Ava, through originally feeling unworthy to lead, successfully led the team in capturing the Encore Genghis Khan.

However, she also offered her condolences, as she had heard of Martin Stein's death.

Ava cheers up Sara and the two kiss unknown to them Rip sees them and he learns that they are together. black site, Ava and her team intervened.

Suga’s English isn’t that great.

Ava shows off the Legends' medals to Sara in their apartment. Sara asked if she would get into trouble for ignoring orders, however, Ava mentioned it had been worth it. As they talked, the shrunk saber-toothed tiger walked in, returning to its normal size, chasing a fleeing Ava through the ship. Ava awoke with no memory of what happened and rediscovered the truth again, Ava started to panic but Sara calmed her down. Sara told her that the Legends would solve the mission, and an enraged Ava let slip that Rip had the idea that the Legends could aid them in a fight against an unknown adversary, a notion she strongly disagreed with. Rip and Ava tracked Rory down to a party in Aruba and they sent in a team to retrieve him and Caesar. [9], Sara and Ava went on a date in Star City at a nice restaurant.

Ava kept open hostility against the Legends as they announced that Mick Rory had found Julius Caesar on Aruba. V clearly enjoys the lavish lifestyle but seems to dislike the attention. Even blinded, Sara fights valiantly, destroying many Zombies but unfortunately she was killed protecting her team and her girlfriend.

Species [2], As the Legends entered their headquarters, Agent Sharpe and the other agents immediately pulled their guns on them.

Ava Sharpe (manufactured 2213) is the twelfth genetically-engineered Advanced Variant Automation clone that Rip Hunter recruited to work for the Time Bureau.She later became the director of the Time Bureau after Grodd killed her predecessor, Wilbur Bennett, soon joining the Legends.

As Ray and Nate Heywood returned to the ship, Gideon confirmed that the anachronism had been fixed. Alive Ava looks powerless during Sara's death. Soon after, Ava is kidnapped by Neron because he wants to possess her body to Tabitha and takes over the Time Bureau. Alter ego [2], When the Legends are contacted by Damien Darhk, Ava and Rip watched Sara interrogate Darhk, in which Ava confronted Rip about her being a clone, but the big secret he revealed to Ava is that she was not the first clone, but the 12th much to her shock.

They received a call from Gary who informed them of a message from Ray Palmer who had been captured by the Darhk's, though they had not even noticed that he was gone. Sara questioned her as to the unknown adversary, but Ava refused to tell her, leaving with Agent Green.

During the fight, Mick burned Beebo causing the Vikings to believe that Beebo is a false god. Ava explained that the Time Bureau is in disarray and has already lost many agents trying to fight the Darhk's. When the Legends found Clotho after those four months, she was in a history museum where Ava wondered about various displays, especially the lyrics to the Sisqó-written "Thong Song". Knowing that they can not win this battle, Sara and Ava kiss a last time.

It's the same communitarian spirit that informs. Sara then confessed her true feelings to Ava telling her that she loves her, but after the shocking revelation that she is the 12th clone of previous Ava's she told Sara she needed time to reflect on who she is and left the Waverider, leaving Sara sad and powerless. Zeus, king of the Greek gods, is the youngest of his siblings according to. Sara had Leo use his cold gun to douse the flames and Ava used it to distract the Vikings, unfortunately, Amaya accidentally touched Beebo enough for him to speak which caused the Vikings to attack the team.

Mallus arrived on the battlefield, but he was confronted by a giant Beebo who destroyed Mallus.

Ava transported to the Waverider and joined Sara and her team. Artemis and her Roman counterpart Diana. The Legends won the battle after Clotho brought the Hellfire weapons.

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