Incidentally, l’Un is the French equivalent of "The One" from the philosophical discipline of henology. Read the License agreement EN. The articles du, de la, and de l'– are called "partitive articles" in French. Mon époux est l' aîné de cinq garçons. la becomes l'.

Since World War I it has been the symbol of fallen soldiers, Create an account and sign in to access this FREE content, when you are saying something that is true about a thing in general, when you are talking about something that you do regularly or that is a habit, The partitive article: du, de la, de l’ and des, Comparatives and superlatives of adjectives, Demonstrative adjectives: ce, cette, cet and ces, Using different types of pronoun together, Relative pronouns: qui, que, lequel, auquel, duquel, Demonstrative pronouns: ce, cela/ça, ceci, celui, The present tense: regular -er (first conjugation) verbs, The present tense: regular -ir (second conjugation) verbs, The present tense: regular -re (third conjugation) verbs, The present tense: spelling changes in -er verbs, Prepositions consisting of more than one word. Most of the times, you won't be able to translate word-for-word from English, so you need to understand the logic to choosing the correct word in French. It is important to note that these articles are often used after the verbs vouloir (“Je voudrais des chaussures noires”) or avoir (“J’ai des chats”) and with food (we use these all the time with food, so it's a good topic for practice). In these examples, "some" applies to a singular item. My husband is the eldest of five sons.

Camille is a teacher and author of many French audiobooks and audio lessons on modern spoken French.

For more information on the preposition de, see à, de and en. : His elder brother, Léon Ninontoff, was a painter.

: Son frère aîné Léon Ninontoff était artiste peintre. Linguee . Look up in Linguee; Suggest as a translation of "" Copy; DeepL Translator Linguee. : Merci aîné Sault de votre prière. Open menu. R everso offers you the best tool for learning French, the French French dictionary containing commonly used words and expressions, along with thousands of French entries and their French translation, added in the dictionary by our users. Like "rice." Definite articles; Indefinite articles; Indefinite pronouns; Numbers; À la une; On vs l’on Share / Tweet / Pin Me! You often use the definite article with the name of school subjects, languages and sports. : Larry est l' aîné d'une famille de quatre enfants. people use le for masculine things/persons and As French makes a distinction between "masculine and feminine objects", people use le for masculine things/persons and la for feminine things/persons. The French word de is translated into English in several different ways, including of and from. Expressing quantities is quite an important part of daily conversation. : Thank you, Elder Sault, for your prayer. It is important to note that these articles are often used after the verbs vouloir (“ Je voudrais des chaussures noires ”) or avoir (“ J’ai des chats ”) and with food (we use these all the time with food, so it's a … In French you have to use the definite article in front of the names of countries, continents and regions. are the french equivalents for the. Note that you have to make the noun plural too, just as you would in English. ©1999-2020 BRIOW All rights reserved. As French makes a distinction between "masculine and feminine objects", The same thing goes for the example, “elle a des amis formidables.” In English, if you say “she has some great friends,” you’d be strongly implying that her other friends are not so great. In French, you would never say “il est rentré chez lui avec de la fille,” as he didn’t go home with an unspecified quantity of a girl. So be careful, word-for-word translation doesn’t always work! AdZone: E. ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Thus, rice is considered a single ingredient, expressed using the singular masculine, “le riz”. In French, we use an article where, in English, you’d probably use nothing: “she has great friends”. Ouverts malgré les restrictions Deux gymnases mis à l’amende.

This “des” usually applies to whole items, that you could count, but decided not to. There are many grains of rice, but it’s rare that you are counting them one by one. Some food items are usually referred to as singular, although they are really plural. easy: most of the time, it consists in adding an "s" to the noun. In French, the key to understanding how to express quantity is a question of the specification of quantity: a precise quantity, or a vague one. la for feminine things/persons. I’ve been learning French for three years. The definite article is used in French with. Translator.

There are special rules when you use it together with le and les. Web Design: HTML5 UP le, la and les For the ones performing professional translations from French to French, the specialized terms found in our dictionary are very helpful. "Here is some cake," rather than "some cakes," which we will study below. a poppy , Papaver rhoeas, that has bright red flowers and grows in cornfields . The articles du, de la, and de l'– are called "partitive articles" in French. Related lessons. Find French translations in our English-French dictionary and in 1,000,000,000 . However, in the plural, only les is used whatever the gender is. Note that if the name of the country comes after the French word. NB: you may have noticed that making plural is But, more often, you’d say something like “j’achète du riz” ( I am buying [some] rice). Over 100,000 English translations of French words and phrases. whatever the gender is. English Translation of “l’Est” | The official Collins French-English Dictionary online. To describe an unspecified plural quantity, use “des” (both feminine and masculine), which tells you there is more than one item, but it is a vague plural quantity (it could be 2, could be 10,000 or more). You often find the definite article in phrases that tell you about prices and rates. There are several ways to express quantities in French: Unspecified quantities represent the notion of “some” in English, but we don’t always use the word “some.” When you are talking about a portion of one item (food, like "some bread"), or something that cannot be quantified (quality, like "some patience"), use what the French call "a partitive article.". If you need to count each grain, then you’d use the expression, “grain de riz” – "Il y a 3 grains de riz sur la table" (there are 3 grains of rice on the table). Du, De La, Des: Expressing Quantities in French. Note that the definite article is not used after, Note that you do not use the definite article after. Translate texts with the world's best machine translation technology, developed by the creators of Linguee. When the following noun begins with a vowel, le or In English, the word “some” is used for unspecified quantity (I would like some milk) but also as a derogative adjective (he went home with some girl). However, in the plural, only les is used By using ThoughtCo, you accept our, Unspecified Singular Quantity: Du, de La, de L’–, More Than One, but Unspecified Plural Quantity: Des, Expressing Quantity in French - Zero, None, Not Any - Pas De, French Vocabulary Lesson: Quantities, Weights, and Measures, Il n'y a pas du pain: Avoid This Common French Mistake, French Vocabulary: Physical Descriptions of People, French Negative Adverbs: How to Form Them. In French, as in English, you usually add an, With nouns starting with a vowel, most nouns beginning with, The definite article is used with words like, Note that there are some set phrases using, You also use the definite article when you are talking about things like, If you are talking about a part of your body, you usually use a word like. Opération sur l'A40 La SQ remet 507 constats d’infraction en une journée. Larry is the eldest of a family of four children. She co-created and runs French Today, offering original audio for adult students. When de … 3 Using de with le, la, l’ and les. Here, we are talking about a portion of one item—a portion that is vague, not specific. Publié à 7h28.

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