“I am so disappointed in you. “It’s sad to say good-bye,” he added, attaching the hashtag #Trump2020. 3 on the Forbes list of highest-earning comedians last year, making a reported $30 million through touring and his comedy specials on Netflix (NFLX) and Amazon Prime (AMZN) He responded to the calls to cancel him by tweeting, “To those of you who think I’m destroying my career wake up. A subtweet from Gaffigan could almost have been mistaken as disconnected to the event. I had no idea you were so hateful,” wrote one man in the comments. Her work has also appeared on KUT's Texas Standard (Austin), KPAC-FM (San Antonio), and the Daily Texan.

States and a Black medical group form review boards for second opinion, Jim Gaffigan blasts Trump in viral Twitter rant: ‘He’s a traitor and a con man’, © MarketWatch photo illustration/Getty Images. In a lengthy post to Facebook Sunday, … He even dropped the F-word. If it wasn’t terrifying and a bit sad, it’d be mildly funnier than his last stand up special. You are powerful and privileged. “Hey fuck you Karen,” he shot back.

to those of you who think Im destroying my career wake up. “I really liked you. The president made Jim Gaffigan, the chilliest dude, snap completely. Deep down you know it. “Don’t let the socialist name calling distract you from the fact he is a fascist who has no belief in law,” Gaffigan said. When an actual Karen told him to “stick to comedy,” Gaffigan lobbed the F-word with efficacy.

It also immensely irritated Trump supporters, who were quick to inform him that he’d lost fans due to his vocal opinions. The one comic I like,” tweeted another a newly disgruntled fan. hope y’all are happy you broke Jim Gaffigan pic.twitter.com/oOC2Qm87Ti. Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. Gaffigan was apparently unconcerned.

“If Trump gets elected, the economy will never come back,” he wrote. In a series of tweets late Thursday as the Republican National Convention came to … While many comedians make a living by being irreverent, Trump’s base has been quick to punish — or, if you will, “cancel” — the comics they believe cross the line. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. Nahila Bonfiglio reports on geek culture and gaming. If it wasn’t terrifying and a bit sad, it’d be mildly funnier than his last stand up special. Deep down you know it. Many marveled that Gaffigan had finally “snapped.” (Indeed, his wife, Jeannie Gaffigan, tweeted at him to stop cursing.). We need to wake up. One Gaffigan fan noted that in the 13 years Gaffigan has been on Twitter he has “tweeted 19.4K times and used the word ‘fuck’ exactly three times” before last night’s thread. Jim Gaffigan is reviewing what happened and what he learned after his "Twitter rant" about President Donald Trump last week.

Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu.

“As a kid I was a cubs [sic] fan and I know you stick by your team no matter what but he’s a traitor and a con man who doesn’t care about you. “Okay fine,” Gaffigan wrote back. Jim Gaffigan, the typically apolitical comedian known for riffing about the microwaveable snack Hot Pockets — and who certainly never curses during his standup routines — dropped several F-bombs on President Trump over Twitter (TWTR) on Thursday night. Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu. Remember everything Trump accuses the Democrats of he's guilt of.

riffing about the microwaveable snack Hot Pockets, during the Republican National Convention, co-host with Anderson Cooper of CNN’s New Year’s Eve special. He wrapped up with a volley of tweets, including these: Jim Gaffigan’s charmingly self-deprecating humor has made him a staple of comedy for decades. Gaffigan’s stream of tweets gave voice to millions of frustrated Americans around the nation.

Dont let the socialist name calling distract you from the fact he is a fascist who has no belief in law. You know he been incompetent during this crisis.

HuffPost is part of Verizon Media. Jim Gaffigan has tweeted 19.4K times and used the word “fuck” exactly three times before tonight. Earlier this year, as grim realities of the pandemic set in, Griffin said Trump should inject “a syringe with nothing but air.”, And “Saturday Night Live” writer Katie Rich was suspended in 2017 for tweeting that “Barron [Trump] will be this country’s first homeschool shooter.”, Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Do you trust FDA on COVID-19 vaccines? One of the reasons I love Jim Gaffigan is that his comedy is infused with deep morality; to me, he and Jeanie represent the best of Catholicism. I'm sure you enjoy pissing people off but you know Trump is a liar and a criminal. Gaffigan’s tweetstorm began just as the Republican National Convention was wrapping up. Unsurprisingly, many right-leaning fans are now on a quest to “cancel” Gaffigan. What because he insults people that make you and me feel dumb? Trump talks about the Space Program and you can't safely go to a movie. Jim Gaffigan cares so much about Paul Ryan that this is literally the only time he's ever tweeted his name. For example, Kathy Griffin got a lot of flak in 2017 after she posted an image from graphic photo shoot showing her holding a mock-up of Trump’s severed head. Imagine the pressure building inside Jim Gaffigan for years. He tends to avoid politics and is known as a “clean” comedian, so any mention of the government or use of profanity catches the public’s attention. The simple sentiment inspired a wave of criticism from Gaffigan’s right-leaning fans, who derided him for getting political. Jim Gaffigan isn't holding back his thoughts about President Donald Trump and others associated with him. Would be great for more entertainers and wealthy celebs like Jim Gaffigan, who have a Republican base, to speak up against Trump. Other readers pointed out the risk that the clean-cut, Catholic comic from northwest Indiana took in voicing his views, as this could alienate his conservatives in his audience base. I’m sure you enjoy p—ing people off but you know Trump is a liar and a criminal.”. https://t.co/hD4RKbYJGB, Jim Gaffigan is having a significant Twitter meltdown about @realDonaldTrump. Wake up, He accused Trump of mishandling the coronavirus pandemic while seeking to leave his imprint on the space program. Speak up, please. You know all those people didn't need to die. We need to call trump the con man and thief that he is. Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. While the commander-in-chief accepted his party’s nomination for the presidency during the Republican National Convention in a speech running an hour and 10 minutes, Gaffigan launched a tirade against Trump and Trump loyalists lasting approximately as long.

https://t.co/xGbqwxGgv3, Gaffigan was No. Wake up.”. The out-of-character rant caught many people off-guard, and led to the comedian’s name and even Nestlé’s (NSRGY) Hot Pockets (featured in arguably his most famous, and longest running, bit) to trend on Twitter overnight Thursday into Friday morning. Gaffigan simply couldn’t let it rest. And the comic expressed outrage over the president calling former President Obama a socialist and Democratic rival Joe Biden a radical, when Trump is the one “buddying up with dictators” and “interfering with the justice department.”. Comedian Jim Gaffigan – who is well-known for his inoffensive jokes that avoid controversial topics – delivered a surprising political rant on Twitter during Trump… Yet you dont care? I dont give a fuck if anyone thinks this is virtue signaling or whatever. As a kid I was a cubs fan and I know you stick by your team no matter what but he's a traitor and a con man who doesn't care about you.

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