How to use hymn in a sentence. It consists of four psalms, a canticle, psalms 148-150, a hymn, the Benedictus (Luke i. Give thanks for those That dared oppose The rule of tyranny, Who stood unbowed Before the proud, And spoke courageously. and ii., Colonel Jack, The Cavalier, Duncan Campbell, The Plague, Everybody's Business, Mrs Veal, The Shortest Way with Dissenters, Giving Alms no Charity, The True-Born Englishman, Hymn to the Pillory, and very copious extracts from The Complete English Tradesman. He published one or two volumes of poetry and contributed several poems to Blackwood's Magazine, one of which, "A Christmas Hymn," attracted much admiring attention. Bevan, " The Hymn of the Soul " (in Texts and Studies, 1897); F. Suidas reckons him one of the early poets and a writer of hymns of consecration, and Diodorus Siculus quotes a line from a Dionysiac hymn attributed to Eumolpus.

It consists of the general confession, four fixed psalms, a hymn, the Nunc dimittis (Luke ii. The hymn to the Delian Apollo ends with an address of the poet to his audience.

673); and secondly, in the Hymn in memory of Hermias, beginning " Virtue, difficult to the human race, noblest pursuit in life " (ib. 2. 100+1 sentence examples: 1.

The hymn, the well-known Carmen Saeculare, gives fervent expression to the prevalent emotions of joy and gratitude. Even Columba himself, in his Latin hymn Altus prosator, was suspected by Gregory the Great of favouring Arian doctrines.

See Callimachus, Hymn to Delos, 305; Pausanias i. Consideration should be given to the The ancient Polish hymn or war song, Piesn Boga Rodzica, was an address to the Virgin, sung by the Poles when about to fight. The author has incorporated in it the finest poem to be found in all Syriac literature, the famous Hymn of the Soul. The chords for this hymn are also available online at Chordie. He wrote much devotional verse, including the well-known hymn "Eternal Light!

The most interesting room in this building is that which was occupied by Luther in 1530, where the surroundings may have inspired, though (as is now proved) he did not compose, the famous hymn, Ein' feste Burg ist unser Gott; the bed on which he slept, and the pulpit from which he preached in the old chapel are shown. But there is no trace of Artemis as such in the epic period, and the Homeric hymn knows nothing of her identification with Selene.

In 1661, after the Restoration, by order of the sovereign and knights companions in chapter "that supplicational procession" was "converted into a hymn of thanksgiving.". And since we must reckon praise as the highest form of prayer, such an early Christian hymn as is found in I Tim. Three volleys would be fired by the guard, and the Last Post played, followed by a prayer, Yesterday in church we said the Benedicite instead of singing the Gospel, There were two French hymns, one Tamashek, one Bambara and one Songhai, He spoke a short testimonial, describing a person that sounded a little like my mother, and we mouthed a, In the 1812 Overture, Karajan has a famous Russian choir intone the Russian Orthodox, Or, how can we acknowledge the majesty and awesomeness of God with our nose stuck in a, His verse is both metrically and formally experimental, ranging from satire to love lyric, from sonnet to verse epistle, from elegy to.

There is a mystical passage on the unity of all things, suggestive of " the hymn the Brahman sings.".

Judging by Browne 's speech last week, some of the oil majors appear to be singing from the same hymn sheet.

Printed examples of his work as commentator and hymn writer respectively may be found in the Firamentum trium ordinum (Paris, 1512), and his office for Trinity Sunday in the "unreformed" breviary. 273; Homeric Hymn to Demeter, 476; Strabo vii.

... but almost always upon the request of some individual for a particular hymn appropriate to the need of the congregation.

In the year 207, when he must have been of a great age, he was appointed to compose a hymn of thanksgiving, sung by maidens, for the victory of the Metaurus and an intercessory hymn to the Aventine Juno. Clearly the two heard the marriage hymn of Sappho.

The service began with a rousing hymn. After some readings and a hymn, the priest moved to the pulpit. The hymn has a heavy, ponderous, sonorous melody that goes all the way back to the chants of the fourth century. 112 to the emperor Trajan, about the Christians of Bithynia, attests that on a fixed day, stato die (no doubt Sunday), they met before dawn and recited antiphonally a hymn " to Christ as to a god.". Hucbald made rapid progress in the acquirement of various sciences and arts, including that of music, and at an early age composed a hymn in honour of St Andrew, which met with such success as to excite the jealousy of his uncle. brahma), originally denoting, it would seem, "one who prays, a worshipper," perhaps also "the composer of a hymn" (brahman, n.); and the same term came subsequently to be used not only for one of the sacerdotal order generally, but also, and more commonly, as the designation of a special class of priests who officiated as superintendents during sacrificial performances, the complicated nature of which required the co-operation of a whole staff of priests, and who accordingly were expected to possess a competent knowledge of the entire course of ritual procedure, including the correct form and mystic import of the sacred texts to be repeated or chanted by the several priests. For some it is all the singing they do, other than the occasional. Example sentences with the word hymn.

and his fine hymn to the sun-god, it is certain that a corresponding Palestinian deity would not necessarily be without ethical and elevated associations . Ivan understands about the hymn, too. Vespers or Evensong consists of five varying psalms, a hymn, the Magnificat (Luke i.

The hymn is too familiar to require a long analysis.

hymn example sentences. We know she cussed a lot and loved to sing hymns.

solemn hymns chanted by the Udgatris.

The piece contains the theme to which the words of popular hymn ' I vow to thee my country ' were set. Other works produced in the 18th and 19th century include catechisms, Hen Wlad fy Nhadau was sometimes accompanied by the, The Salvation Army adopted the latter as its favoured processional, and it became Sullivan's most enduring, Holst in 1926 harmonised the tune to make it usable as a, However, despite being reproduced in some other, Edward's chapel, the choir recites an English translation of the, Saint Patrick's Breastplate is a lorica, or, After the Lord's Prayer the Missionaries duetted a, I looked for the latter in The Hymnary, the old blue United Church, Hymnary is a free online resource that provides a searchable database of over one million.

; (6) by a slip the Zohar assigns a reason why its contents were not revealed before5060-5066A.M., i.e.1300-1306A.D., (7) the doctrine of the En Soph and the Sephiroth was not known before the 13th century; and (8) the very existence of the Zohar itself was not known prior 1 See, e.g., G. A strange barbaric chant commonly known as the Lorica or Hymn of St Patrick is preserved in the Liber hymnorum. I sang Si Kahn 's song Here is my home, a secular hymn about the fellowship of singing in harmony.

I should love a port pie, the very thought " raises tumults in my breast " as the hymn has it! The congregation stood to sing the hymn. In this hymn we read how the gods shall release us from this sinful time, from the oppression of this world. The Delian amphictyony probably reached the height of its splendour early in the 7th century B.C. But I am sorely disappointed at nothing from you or Mrs Alderson yet as to her hymn on the 7th Word. The service concluded with the hymn " The King of Love " and the benediction pronounced by the Bishop. Sessional hymn of the holy bishop, in Tone V: Spec.

A fine setting of the hymn "Veni, Creator Spiritus" was given at Birmingham in 1891, and the oratorio Bethlehem in 1894. No hymn rings so with joy as:.

The most poetical account of his birth and life is given in the so-called Homeric hymn To Pan.

The quotations from the hymn in the pseudo-Athanasian De Virginitate, and in Chrysostom (Horn.

Theodulf was the author of at least part of the hymn for Palm Sunday, the Gloria laws. Variation 1: Horn and bassoon in imitation retain the dignity of the hymn tune. The recessional hymn at funerals is almost always ' God be with you ' til we meet again '.

11 Of the Apocryphal Acts of the Apostles there is the well-known edition and translation by Wright (London, 1871); the Acts of Judas were re-edited by Bedjan in the 3rd volume of Acta martyrum et sanctorum (Paris, 1892); of the Hymn of the Soul there is a fresh edition and translation by A.

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