how to ship fireworks to hawaii

This includes potential delays in delivering cargo to customers, creating infrastructure to hold these containers for inspection, added costs and logistics.”, Meanwhile, Matson said it “wants to be part of any realistic solutions that improve safety in our community.”. #8 Bamboo Color Sparklers 72/Pk W/FREE SHIPPING !! Shipping fireworks by air is strictly prohibited. In addition, when you use, you’ll get discounts on First It is then your responsibility, not that of Kaboom Enterprises LLC, to ensure that you can legally possess these fireworks. No exceptions.

You may want to consult with the state, county, and local officials in the area where you will be shooting fireworks. Copyright © 2020 AmericanFireworks. Forward any such information to us so we can assist you in making a claim with the shipping company. If you do need to ship a special item, know the rules and regulations. Why would it be illegal to inspect shipping containers when the state inspects shipments of Christmas trees every year? Undeclared fireworks shipped or carried on an aircraft, or sent through the mail, present a very real danger to the crew and passengers. Note that in many areas it is illegal to shoot fireworks unless you have a permit. 14" Morning Glory Sparklers 48/pk W/FREE SHIPPING !

All orders of $1,500 or more receive free shipping.

We can ship sparklers to every state except Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

We have all the tools you’ll need to package and ship your products to Hawaii, in the USPS mail class that works best for your customers and your budget.

Please obey the firework laws where you will be transporting, distributing, and discharging fireworks. Sparklers and Poppers (Snaps): We can ship sparklers to every state except Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. All orders of $1,500 or more receive free shipping.

“We have a very, very weak inspection program.

We also checked with the Department of Public Safety, which opposed the bill when Espero introduced it last year. Trade winds will gradually build on Monday as a surface ridge develops north of the state. Even in states where fireworks are permitted, certain counties and cities may have additional restrictions.

The Shipping Rates for Novelty Fireworks are as follows….

Sparklers are classified as novelties by the federal government and are not defined as consumer fireworks… Please consult with your local officials in order to obtain a permit. HONOLULU (KHON2) - A sea breeze pattern will give way to developing trade winds tonight, producing showers mainly over windward Kauai. We can ship sparklers to every state except Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. NEVER LET CHILDREN PLAY WITH FIREWORKS! Even in states where fireworks are permitted, certain counties and cities may have additional restrictions. If you add any other items to your cart that are not from the (free shipping fireworks) section appropriate shipping charges will be added to your order.

36" Jumbo Morning Glory 18Pcs W/FREE SHIPPING ! Sparklers are classified as novelties by the federal government and are not defined as consumer fireworks. Note that in many areas it is illegal to shoot fireworks unless you have a permit. Alaska, Hawaii and international shipments. Fireworks Shipping Laws and Restrictions Consumer Fireworks - Due to federal law we cannot ship Consumer Fireworks to Alaska, California, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana New Jersey, Nevada, New York, Ohio, … -   Consumer Fireworks must be shipped using Ground Freight and will take 5-7 business days to arrive after shipment address confirmation with customer.

Espero says the biggest hurdle is whether the state has the authority to do the inspections, or “the legality of doing random inspections and I think if we could overcome that bump, then we might have a chance this year,” he said. Espero says he would like state sheriffs to implement the program using bomb-sniffing dogs. Federal rules forbid transporting fireworks in passenger carry-on, checked baggage, or cargo. Color Smoke Balls Counter Display Box W/FREE SHIPPING !! We asked Lieutenant Governor Josh Green if the state is getting a good sample of travelers to participate in the post-arrival testing study. Any person carrying fireworks onto an aircraft or attempting to ship them illegally faces a maximum penalty of five years in prison and/or a fine. People not having permits where required run the risk of fines and/or confiscation of fireworks without any recourse to us or the shipping company. Under this classification sparklers can legally be shipped via ground methods. © 2017 Hawaiian Airlines. All Rights Reserved.

Please read tips on Fireworks Safety from the National Safety Council. It’s virtually non-existent for the 200,000-plus shipping containers,” Espero said. Two cases minimum order. Moisture associated with an old front will keep some showers affecting Kauai, with rather dry conditions expected elsewhere.

There’s a renewed effort to stop the flow of illegal fireworks into Hawaii. It raised the issues of cost and the logistical problems of setting up enough personnel and canines.

Espero says the problem has been raised by the state attorney general in the past, so we reached out to the office to find out more.

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