how to make a feather christmas tree

The password to the paperglitterglue library is housekey. Because feathers come in all sizes and there was a need to secure some of the smaller feathers to the tree, I also grabbed the Elmer\'s glue bottle. But when it comes to Christmas decor, I love to use decor that’s fun and interesting and that catches people’s eye. Great price when you do the breakdown of costs versus buying one. But before you pick your fir, browse through these Christmas tree decorating ideas for inspiration. See our full disclosure policy HERE. Be Sure to Tack Glue as Needed. Feathers that are like 4″ or shorter work best as they are more pliable. I started at the top and went downward. Wooden block for stand or container for your feather tree; Directions for making the Fringe Feather Tree. Happy crafting! I pressed the end of the feather into the hot glue, and then quickly grabbed another feather and repeated until I needed more hot glue. Drill a 1/2 inch hole in the wooden block for your stand. Also get access to all the fun patterns and tutorials in the Paper Glitter Glue library with the secret password. States by German immigrants in places such as Pennsylvania and Texas. You see, I need to curl the ends of the feathers. I was so wrong! An old granny works on her patchwork quilt. Secure with hot glue. You are just adorable! To be honest, I was worried they would be harder to work with and wouldn’t look as good on the finished Feather Trees. These Feather Trees look like they would take a long time, but they honestly don’t.

All comments are moderated and do not immediately appear after publishing. The bigger white tree took me probably half an hour, and the smaller brown tree took me about twenty minutes to complete. You will receive my newsletter every 1-2 weeks. 8, Miniature Mt. lobster for dinner, marine fish, native to the North Atlantic, live in There’s kind of a trick to using floral tape. I’m Lucy – the crafter behind Paper Glitter Glue. I could have used a butter knife or other blunt object but the scissors I chose were so dull there was no chance of me getting cut. If you notice areas that look a bit sparse, fill them in by gluing some of the smaller feathers into those areas. Thanks and have a nice day!

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A little soap and water There was an error submitting your subscription. - Students will make... Christmas Traditions From Around The Globe, Crafting and Collecting Christmas Cards & Letters, The Calling of James and John Coloring Page, Samples from An Illuminated Ribbon Alphabet, african masks from recycled materials: milk jug construction. 1. Learn how your comment data is processed. I used this beautiful pack of white feathers I found on Amazon for my white 10″ tree and it’s absolutely elegant.

Choose the height of your tree; Since I bought a 4 foot dowel, I thought that looked like a good height for a feather tree. Please know that I will never send you any spam and I will not share your email with anyone else. Today we make a little fringe feather tree using tissue paper fringe, but you can also make it out of a fuzzy yarn like eyelash yarn.

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