how to light fireworks with a battery

Keep a filled bucket, a garden hose, or ideally a fire extinguisher nearby. 5. any kind of switch Cut a 4inch peice of stranded wire and strip it.

4. Now grasp the fuse in your fingers and wrap the strand tightly around the fuse making a coil, while making sure to leave at least an inch to attach the alligator clips on each end. Look up – make sure there are no overhead obstructions (like tall trees or telephone wires). 12v car jack ****NOTE:**** Make sure that it is only a jack, with no resistors or anything because you will need all the power from your car battery.

3. electrical tape, if you're not using connectors

These clips will eventually attach to the fuse assembly. Light fireworks in a clear, flat area free of debris or any other flammable material (including other fireworks). Did you forget your lighter?

In this instructable, you will learn how to make a very easy and very reliable electric ignition using easy-to-find materials, plus a few tools. Now take your wire strippers and gently pull out one tiny strand. 1. If you can't do this, get one from RadioShack

When you're ready flip the switch and get ready for the BOOM. Think ahead. Only one person should light the display. on Introduction. Leave comments or questions or suggestions about other things to make. Wire (Somewhere around 16 AWG but doesnt matter that much and have about 8-10 feet)

Now attach the clips to these stripped ends.

Soak the lumber with water before placing the fireworks. Now cut and strip one of the wires coming from the jack  and attach your switch. I know this from experience. Hope you like it and it works for you, Feel free to leave comments or questions and I will try to respond in a timely manner. You have succesfully completed this step.

10 years ago 7. firecracker/bottle rocket with fuse. Sorry for the low-quality photos, they were from my cell phone camera. Now you are finished. Use this old military trick to light fireworks with a spent shell casing!

6. alligator clips NOTE: It is probably a good idea to just test it out by hooking up a "blank" to the clips to make sure it works... ALSO make sure that the "wraps" you make to form the coil of wire are close (like touching) or else it will take a long time to heat up or wont light at all.

but the wire is your main issue. Hope you like it and it works for you, Feel free to leave comments or questions and I will t… ive done this by shoving old wires into a lame old maglite... you dont need much power. First connect the jack to your 8-10 feet of wire and strip the ends opposite the jack.

Only light one firework at a time. Certainly 50 ft is plenty safe, but would there be any way to use a lantern battery or even smaller Lithium-ion battery as an ignition source?

These electronic igniters will reliably light any firework with a fuse on it. Wire strippers (also have crimpers&connectors if you plan to use connectors) on Introduction, Im not sure darrone, because you have to have a lot of power going through the coil so it can get hot enough and light the fuse and i dont think that will do it. Reply

Thanks ; ). 2.

Materials You Will Need: Don't have any matches?

Now attach the 2 alligator clips to the ends of the wire wrapped around the fuse and MAKE SURE THE SWITCH IS OFF WHEN YOU PLUG IN THE CAR JACK !! Now  all you have to do is make another fuse assembly by wrapping a strand of wire around another fuse and hooking it up to the clips. 10-minute Easy and Reliable Electric Fireworks Igniter: In this instructable, you will learn how to make a very easy and very reliable electric ignition using easy-to-find materials, plus a few tools. talking about it being away from vehicles, you can buy used motorcycle batteries for pretty good prices look online somewhere or at a surplus store. Electrification & Restoration of a 1970's Raleigh Shopper, Get behind something if you are a chicken and make sure there is nothing flammable next to the firecracker and all that good safety stuff. Have fun, be safe, and i hope you liked my first instructable!

Place the fireworks about 6 inches apart along the board in the order they will be lit. Now you will connect the 12v car jack, wire, switch, & the clips.

If you got a spare from an old cell charger rip out the circuit board and just use the wires. on Introduction, this is what i use to power these electronic fuses, 10 years ago Aside from not wanting to drain the battery, there are many places this would be useful away from vehicles. Alkaline (and worse) batteries are quite useless at igniting these. Did you make this project? Surely any rechargeable battery with at least 7.2V works well.

They are designed to use in conjunction with my Fireworks Controller, but can be used with any electronic controller that you may have built already, or even any 12v battery.They are relatively simple to construct and are made of common materials already available in your house or at a local hardware store. 9 years ago i actually use my dirtbike to light them.

That person should not be drinking alcohol before or during the show and should be at least 14 years old. How to start a fire! Share it with us!

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