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Mom. Masami Yoshida ist eine der Nebenrollen aus der TV-Serie "Die fantastische Welt von Gumball". Broadcast number: [44] However, Gumball eventually finds himself unable to resist his modern lifestyle, and one night Idaho walks in on him indulging in video games and junk food. The directing staff did not like the character, so Rachel made a handful of cameos in the second season before being dropped from the show. [60] She made several appearances in the show's first season, but was absent for the entire second season; no reason was given for her disappearance until the third-season episode "The Void", where Gumball, Darwin, and Mr. Small realize that all traces of Molly have vanished and nobody else seems to have any memory of her.

Bert, a yellow elderly bean shaped man with a cane.

She is a 66 year old pink rabbit who speaks in a New York accent. Gumball remarks that the fact they see the world differently could tear them apart.

She was previously married to a traveling conman named Frankie Watterson, who abandoned her and a young Richard under the pretense of going out to buy milk; she later remarries to Louie, a local Elmore senior citizen, in "The Signature", despite Richard's initial disapproval. The newest member of the faculty, she works to ensure that all of the students are fit like her daughter. May 27, 2019 [11] Larry was generally distrusting of the Wattersons, as they often get him into trouble at his various occupations until "The Pizza".

Alan rebuffs this, but Gumball replies: "Dude, even your mole looks better than me". The manager gave them a new Bobert and sent old Bobert on a plane with a bunch of random old junk. Unfollow. [38], Tina Rex (voiced by Dan Russell, season 1; Stefan Ashton Frank, season 2 onward) is a Tyrannosaurus who lives in the Elmore city junkyard, and who is Elmore Junior High's most notorious bully.

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Several episodes show that he indulges in questionable practices rather than normal activities; he goes on a diet of raw sunlight, his attempts to cure Gumball and Darwin traumatize them, uses herbal teas Implied to be a type of drug, and he often uses alternative medicine.

Rob is formerly a tall blue cyclops, and upon exposure to the Void, he turns into a disfigured, polygonal, white cyclops. After discovering this, Gumball and Darwin attempt to assassinate Alan, which they succeed in after many failed attempts – though he reappears in subsequent episodes without any explanation. The motive for Richard's personality was shown in "The Authority," where it was revealed that Granny Jojo sheltered Richard his entire life, leading him to grow up as an unintelligent and lazy person. [15] Despite this, he has been seen hanging out with Gumball and Darwin on several occasions, including having a starring role in one of the duo's home movies. He is the father of Gumball, Darwin and Anais.

It is revealed that his name was Harry Gedges before he joined the Witness Protection Program after he testified for a group of people. They are then at the park again, but Carrie says it was built on an ancient burial ground. He is shown fighting Richard Watterson over a refund. Joan Markham (voiced by Teresa Gallagher) is Elmore Junior High's nurse. Carlton and Troy (Carton is voiced by Hugo Harrison and Troy is voiced by Fergus Craig) are two teenage human boys from Richwood High that first appeared in "The Sweaters", where they taunted Gumball and Darwin. Since she is the only truly responsible member of the family, Nicole does most of the household chores, and in addition, works long hours at the Rainbow Factory just to put food on the table.

Mr. Rex is Tina Rex's father. [13] She is in a relationship with her balloon classmate Alan,[13] though the danger of her spikes bursting him is a constant hindrance. He first appears in "The Drama". [53] In season five, his real name is revealed to be Harry Tootmorsel, a name that he only tells to his most trusted friends. His mannerisms are similar to those of Mr. Van Driessen from Beavis and Butt-head. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Robinson, the Wattersons' next-door neighbors, and is generally good-natured and gets along with the children well. Julius is one of the bullies at Elmore High; he often appears in detention or with his gang of fellow delinquents. As revealed in the episode "The Lady" Richard also dresses up as a woman (Samantha) and spends the day with his girlfriends (parodying The Golden Girls), but it is later revealed that all of them are men who couldn't seem to make friends with other men and decide to continue their friendship as sassy old women. Link. [17] However, in "The Nobody", he manages to escape the void, becoming disfigured in the process, takes residence in the Wattersons' basement, and frames Gumball and Darwin for stealing things around the house. It does not work, so he gets closer by hiding inside of a tree. Alan reluctantly agrees and ends up dating Masami. In "The Name", it was discovered that his real name was "Zach", however, this caused him to develop a split personality, though he was seemingly cured at the end of the episode, by changing his name to Gumball. She is best known for being able to predict the future in her various paintings.

Gumball tries to point out flaws in Darwin's and Carrie's relationship which eventually escalates to Carrie hanging out with her ex-boyfriend. He is sometimes shown to not exhibit normal behaviour, such as calling his adoptive parents Mr. Dad and Mrs.

Ben BocqueletTobi WilsonJames HamiltonGemma ArrowsmithJoe MarkhamLucien Young [55], William (internal monologue narrated by Mic Graves)[56] is a flying eyeball who is Miss Simian's personal spy and only talks when reporting information to her. Superintendent Evil: Trust me. In ihrem Gesicht befinden sich zwei lochähnliche schwarze Augen ohne Pupille und ein ebenfalls wie ein Loch wirkender schwarzer Mund. He fought with Nicole when she tried to speak with him about the fight that Tina had with Gumball. [15] She is a member of the Elmore Junior High cheerleading and synchronized swimming teams.[14]. Billy appears to be an intelligent boy who usually just asks his mother random questions about life.

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