filipino christmas traditions

This is why Filipinos the world over still say to this day, “Iba ang Pasko sa Pinas.”.

The Christmas tree stays up for as long as possible. Filipino Christmas will soon be here, and even though we started the countdown months ago, the excitement for the season increases as we enter the month of December.

Let There Be Lights: Christmas Pasyalan Around the Metro, 10 Must-Watch Christmas Movies for the Holiday Break, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), 11 Reasons Employees Hate Company Christmas Party, 30 Superstitions Filipinos Practice During Funerals, 11 Christmas Gift Ideas for your Creative Friends, Generic Gifts Your Friends Don’t Want To Receive For Christmas, Inexpensive Christmas Gifts Ideas For People on a Tight Budget, Generic Gifts Your Friends Don't Want To Receive Christmas | Millennials in Manila, 10 Must-Watch Christmas Movies for Holiday Break | Millennials in Manila, 18 More Cartoons That Defined Our ’90s Childhood, 13 Must-Watch Tagalog Spoken Word Performances, 12 Morning Cartoons That Defined Our 90s Childhood, Laguna Bucket List: 45 Must-Try Activities in the Province. In urban areas and cities like Cebu, offices, companies, organizations and even barkadas (group of friends) organize and celebrate Christmas parties.

Yet, amazingly, thanks to these great and unique Christmas traditions. It’s the busiest, most hectic part of the year, and it’s okay, because it’s difficult to be on a sour mood when everything’s so joyful. And since the Philippines is a land of perpetual sunny bliss, you might want to pack some fabulous swimwear for your trip. The Ber months, as we like to call it, is the start of the colder season in the country. Please note, comments must be approved before they are published. Also, always bring your travel essentials as well as carry a versatile bag when traveling to the Philippines. From Christmas till then, Filipinos also celebrate Niños Inocentes (Filipinos’ version of April Fool’s Day), New Year’s Eve, Three King’s Day, and Feast of the Black Nazarene. Though it’s a holiday celebrated in all corners of the world, some traditions are uniquely Filipino. The Best Ways to Transfer Money Internationally, 9 Ways to Be an Energy-efficient Homeowner, 10 Skills to Learn While You Are Stuck at Home, Why Customer Experience Is the True Key to Brand Success. You can read more of her musings on Oh My Janey. Check out these multi-purpose bags, bikinis and travel essentials that we've handpicked for anyone headed to the Philippines.

A few weeks before Christmas day, kids as well as adults would travel to villages with unique handmade musical instruments (such as tambourines made out of aluminum bottle tops and drums made from used milk cans), expecting a handful of coins from the householders after singing their Christmas carols. We want to hear from you!

What are your thoughts on the article? For Filipinos, attending these masses is a way to show their devotion to the Divine Being, as well as heighten the anticipation of the birth of Jesus Christ. There aren’t that many (or almost none at all) festive holidays from the start of September onwards, so it’s understandable why Pinoys can’t help but anticipate Christmas this early. And of course, it won’t be complete without eating puto bumbong and bibingka after the mass. → Snag fabulous and classy dresses for Christmas in the Philippines! Here, we begin counting down till most Filipinos’ favorite holiday, and people start taking out their Christmas decorations. She rants over here. Christmas parties. In urban areas and cities like Cebu, offices, companies, organizations and even barkadas (group of... 2. As adults, we can’t help but pray for an aginaldo from our employers.

The official observance by the Catholic Church in the Philippinesis f… What Are The Compensations You Deserve For A Delayed Flight? As a matter of fact, you will already feel the spirit of Christmas in the Philippines as early as September. Our Christian roots, meshed with our culture, have embraced and transformed the holiday into something we can definitely call ours. Soon, malls will be open later than usual to cater eager shoppers buying gifts for everyone. Need some inspiration for your travel plans and getaways?

Still, there’s no point denying we always have a jolly Christmas.

Though we don’t experience a white Christmas, a light night breeze and a drop in temperature mid-day are very much welcome. The Philippines, as a tropical country, isn’t endowed with a wintry setting that would echo a typical Christmas feel. Often, it’s placed under the Christmas tree or displayed prominently on a table.

For those who don’t have enough time to buy gifts every week, they settle on a single exchange gift during the Christmas party. → Grab the best look for your noche buena food adventure!

Food prepared during Noche Buena differ from one family to another, but ham is never missed. Street partying during Christmas Eve is by far one of the most entertaining and fun-filled Christmas traditions in the Philippines. → Browse the best Christmas gifts for your travel addicted buddy!

After observing a Simba Gabi, Filipinos tickle their taste buds with delectable traditional delicacies, namely puto bumbong and bibingka (a nectarous rice cake). For most Filipino homeowners, no festive holiday is complete without the Christmas tree. We neither have snow nor mistletoe. The official end of the season in the country is the Feast of the Santo Niño on the third Sunday of January.

​Caroling is truly one of the most lighthearted Christmas traditions in the Philippines. → Score amazing travel bags for your Philippine trip! → Browse sleek and durable travel bags for your Christmas vacation! Considering that our Christmas starts in September, we celebrate the season for five months—almost half a year! It’s considered an accomplishment if you manage to complete the Simbang Gabi, and if you finally do, you think you deserve to make a wish. There is also a folk belief suggesting that God will grant the wish of anyone who hears all nine dawn masses. One of the modern Christmas traditions in the Philippines, a Xmas party usually includes a series of joyous activities, such as parlor games, theatrical or musical performances, and Kris Kringle or also called as Monito-Monita in Filipino tongue.

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