Contact the registered charitable organisations (mentioned below) and see how you can help. National Emergency Crises and Disasters Management Authority, Download the ALHOSN UAE contact-tracing app, Stay at home during restricted hours as per the regulations in force, During restricted hours, step out only if absolutely necessary, for health emergency, or if you work in a vital sector. It started on the 31st of January, 1983 and was internationally attested as a member in the international Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in 1986. Finally, the course will focus on how to manage volunteering projects and attract investments for volunteering initiatives. In addition, the fund will provide summer and winter courses and opportunities to gain work experience to about 1,000 Emiratis. Exchanger, our award-winning Volunteer Programme, has been creating volunteering opportunities for employees, friends and family, and partners to exchange their time for social good and make a difference. In order to encourage and motivate community members, CDA will reward distinctive volunteers. Participating in a “Back to School” edition where members of the community help with the assembly of school kits that are later distributed to children in need both locally and globally. The UAE has called upon all to come forward and register on the portal It is the first formal body of Dubai Government established to manage volunteering services in the UAE, with a special focus on the emirate of Dubai. Rescuing people from the effects of disasters. Young people under 16 years are also eligible when accompanied by a parent or guardian. You can also check the volunteering portalof the authority. This fund was started by a group of Emirati businessmen in 2016. The portal also publishes volunteering opportunities and criteria of volunteers needed; this will help volunteers to study the event and their capabilities before applying. Emirates Red Crescent is a volunteer humanitarian organization that supports official authorities in times of peace and war. Participation in the programme is open for nationals and residents of the UAE. of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies Download the ‘Day for Dubai’ app, available on App Store and Google Play. Volunteer work in Red Crescent Authority aims to support and assist the community at the social, cultural and economic level individually or through subsidiary groups of the Crescent to provide services and assistance in various fields to meet urgent social needs or to serve one of the issues plaguing the community through the Red Crescent Authority and the volunteers joining the Authority. Delivering summer camps for orphans and children from low-income families to help enhance their learning capabilities. At Emirates NBD, we sincerely believe that altruism is deeply-rooted in human nature. A local volunteer initiative supporting children’s education in the UAE and beyond. The UAE has many organisations that engage in volunteering activities and community service including a national volunteering portal which support volunteering activities across the country. Then, it will focus on building personality by training the individuals on leadership skills, life skills, etiquettes and principles of working in a group. Volunteers are entitled to recognition in terms of awards and volunteering hours which can be added to build their online profile. 'Sanid' is another volunteering initiative by Emirates Foundation in cooperation with National Emergency Crises and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA). Sanid unites volunteers throughout the UAE who share a sense of social and civic responsibility. For more information, read about Takatof Voluntary Social Programme. The centre connects deserving community causes with willing volunteers, thereby fostering a spirit of unity and care throughout society. Volunteers can contribute by giving a full day to the volunteering activities or spread out their time over the year to complete a day. humanitarian organization that supports The training programme will be designed and prepared in cooperation with one of the universities in the UAE. Read about how join as a volunteer. The UAE mGovernment is not responsible for the accuracy of information in the translated language. Community Development Authority (CDA) will launch Volunteering Incubators, an educational course in volunteering by the end of 2017. Volunteer(s) Qualifications– Must be an active or retired CFA Society Emirates member in good standing; have served on member society and/or CFA Society Emirates volunteer roles for minimum of 2 years; be available to attend one in-person meeting annually. Volunteer Emirates is a local volunteering initiative that rallies the UAE community throughout the year to donate their time in support of the educational cause. National Volunteer Program for Emergencies, Crises and Disasters. Supporting children of determination by providing support at the dedicated centers. This initiative aims at implanting voluntary work culture and qualifying local cadres in cooperation with public institutions, private sector and non-profitable organisations.

Volunteer Emirates is a local volunteering initiative that rallies the UAE community throughout the year to donate their time in support of the educational cause. Establishing projects for the good of those in need: orphans,widows, elderly,and special needs. Volunteer(s) Commitment– One year term renewable up to maximum of three years.

The fund aims to develop the economy and does this by investing in the human resource.

Enhancing the learning environment of a UAE-based non-profit school by installing desks and chairs for students and teachers; mounting bookshelves and equipping libraries; installing whiteboards, projectors and air conditioners; installing playground toys as well as sports and musical equipment; drawing murals across the school corridors; installing shade umbrellas to protect students from the hot weather; among others. 'Takatof' by Emirates Foundation is one of the most important initiatives aimed at raising public awareness on social needs and promoting the culture of volunteering as a way of life among the various groups of the community. The institution accepts supporters who are over 16 years of age. National Fund (Sandooq Al Watan in Arabic) is a fund established to support Emiratis to get education, training and setting up a business. Choose Emirates airline to enjoy our world-class service on all flights. For distribution of volunteer roles, the Volunteer Department has divided its members into three categories: Student Crescent which includes students from elementary to secondary levels, University Crescent which comprises students of colleges, institutes and universities and Volunteers which involves all members of society. The centre lets individuals and companies to register as volunteers for various activities and events organised by the Volunteer Affairs section. The National Volunteer Program for Emergencies, Crises and Disasters is launched by the National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA). One of its goals is to provide career guidance to 10,000 Emirati school students. Under this initiative, citizens and residents are trained to become community police officers.

UAE Volunteer Platform, We believe a solid foundation for a nation is a society that understands the value of giving. The initiative has different editions such as: For better web experience, please use the website in portrait mode. It will also support research and development in universities to create new products, services and intellectual property by allocating AED 10 to 25 million dirhams for the years 2017 – 2019. Educating people in international humanitarian law.

To join, register on the website of NCEMA. UAE Volunteer Platform, We believe a solid foundation for a nation is a society that understands the value of giving. It started on the 31st of January, - Emirates It provides an opportunity for the youth to volunteer for a number of humanitarian and social programmes and to use their time in a meaningful way that polishes their character and develops their sense of responsibility towards their community. The Volunteer Department at UAE Red Crescent Authority aims to attract volunteers and engage them in activities that support community at the social, cultural and economic levels, individually or through secondary groups of the authority. Some of the volunteering opportunities/initiatives in the UAE are: is a portal to support volunteering. The main objective of ENGAGE Dubai programme is to stimulate corporate involvement in community development through employee volunteering.

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