do christians celebrate christmas

Salvation is a gift through faith alone in Christ alone, but crowns, metonomy for rewards, are promised for faithful and obedient living (1 Pet. The idea of gifts for good behavior can connote a "reward for good deeds" mentality which is opposed to God's gift of His Son through faith.

What is it?". I’m so sad for you losing your mum. His conclusion was that this is idolatry. On Saturday we don't think about it as Saturn's day, but as our day off! 3. But I believe they are creating a false dichotomy in their minds, and are living in religious segregation in ways that are not supported by Scripture and that God never intended. The conclusion: God led me to His universal church that is solely found and build on His Word. This is the point we often land on, as well. 8:3). It expresses our sentiments exactly: “Although our society has muddied the message of Christmas through consumerism, myths and empty traditions, we should not let these distract us from appreciating the real meaning of Christmas. Tell your children that the reason “Santa” gives gifts is because God gave us the wonderful gift of Jesus. Just as there is nothing evil in meat sacrificed to idols, so there is nothing inherently evil in the traditional Christmas with the tree, presents, carols, and decorations. There is, of course, the New Testament precedent for believers meeting together on Sunday. 44:14-17). 4. Before examining each of these objections, let it be noted that Christmas can be celebrated without Santa Claus.

However, these unorthodox religious groups are not alone in their condemnation of this most popular of religious holidays. By the 16th century, the Christmas pyramid and Paradise tree had merged, becoming the Christmas tree. The ‘real reason, for the celebrations is to accept the greatest gift given to man, which is Jesus Christ. Some have tried to tie the reference to the green tree in Jeremiah 3:6, 13 to the reference in 10:3f to further justify condemnation of the Christmas tree, but this refers to the idolatrous groves of trees used as a place for idol worship and revelry. However, because of our freedom in Christ under grace, we are at liberty to celebrate Christmas.

Is it okay for Christians to celebrate Christmas? . If this weren't so sad, it would be hilarious, but sincere people hear this and become concerned. And that is what we want to pass onto you. Isaiah 44:14-15 Surely he cuts cedars for himself, and takes a cypress or an oak, and raises it for himself among the trees of the forest. Isn't it just like celebrating Halloween? 15 Then it becomes something for a man to burn, so he takes one of them and warms himself; he also makes a fire to bake bread. Just click on the linked title or the “Now Available” picture below to do so: If you are not a subscriber to the Marriage Insights (emailed out weekly) Whereas history is a systematic account of events in relation to a nation, institution, science, or art; chronology is a science of time. 13:10; 14:1-23; 1 Cor. It would appear, then, that in principle there is nothing wrong with doing so in the case of Christmas. Indeed, at that age they are learning the difference between make-believe and reality. One is busy counting the number of letters in a sentence rather than listening to its instruction. We count the years BC and AD: Before Christ and Anno Domini: the year of the Lord. Originally, many of the ideas of these pagan practices may have had their roots in the truth of the Old Testament or divine revelation from God as: These verses form a whole line of prophecies concerning the branch of the Lord, the shoot, that would spring forth and become a tree of life both to Israel and the nations. It would have taken months to travel to Bethlehem from the East. August 26, 2010 Though this passage requires a bit more examination, it still carries the sense of freedom. We must seek to please God according to what we believe is consistent with Scripture. He was born as a man in Bethlehem, to atone for the sins of each and every one of us. This last reference supports the position that Christians have liberty and freedom to interpret Scripture and to celebrate Christmas. Mountains are made out of mole hills and the truth is missed. But, on the other hand, the Bible says all things are lawful though not all things are profitable (1 Corinthians 6:12). We will then come home (very happily tired, no doubt). (2) Facts of Scripture Concerning the Celebration of Christmas. Christmas is literally “the mass for Christ”, the day on which Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus. Those who are inclined to reject out of hand such a position might be interested to know that at one time this writer would have agreed with them. Many link Christmas with the winter solstice. So, should we as Christians celebrate Christmas? Why? While there would be nothing wrong with such a change, it would not be necessary. Hampton wrote many articles for the Biblical Studies Foundation and on... More. Again, Christmas gives us a wonderful opportunity to do this. This is actually the true essence of Christmas.

It is not essential to the celebration of someone’s birth that it be commemorated on the same date as his birth. The true meaning of Christmas – What is it? He seeks out for himself a skilled craftsman Christians celebrate Christmas because it reminds them of God’s sacrificial giving. , Dr. Howard Fields, 1 Comment, January 5, 2018 (1) The tree speaks of the Lord and the eternal life which He gives; (2) The presents speak of God's love and gift to us of His Son and of our love for one another. Does this fact invalidate Christmas? I look forward to seeing you there :). 2:1-12). Such things become what people make them by their attitudes and beliefs (Rom. , Jecinta Morgan And then we will cook a yummy Christmas brunch together to enjoy. Certainly they would have moved to a house as soon as it was possible. We don't throw things out just because the world misuses or distorts them. The family would naturally have moved into a house as quickly as possible after Jesus was born, and "child" can mean a newborn (John 16:21). But an important concept is often missed here. Obviously, the Scriptures are our guide. After the rains the once-barren, brown desert earth is suddenly a field of brilliant green. You are responding in love. Here is an important point that Matt Slick makes concerning the actual date of Jesus’ birth: “Is a Christian free to celebrate Christmas, a holiday that not only has pagan origins but also is used by the unbelieving world as a promotion of commercialism? Such an approach completely misses the spirit and intent of the Bible. In view of what we have seen, the Bible is silent from the standpoint of our Christmas traditions.

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The actions of the shepherds who left their flocks to go and see which was nothing short of a celebration (Lk. We will give you some of the reasons we do in this Marriage Insight.

To continue to celebrate them is to dishonor the fact of His coming, or to act as though He were not enough for salvation or spirituality. Families often have many personal traditions since the holiday is commonly defined as a time of family gathering. The coming of Jesus has changed the world. (c) It is true that during the winter months sheep were brought in from the wilderness, but remember, Luke tells us the shepherds were near Bethlehem rather than in the wilderness. It is not Him who is defiled.

Yes, many do not have their eyes on Jesus. “In addition, we should be fully convinced in our own minds about days of worship and eating (Romans 14:1-12). As a young child I grew up with the celebration of Christmas with my parents, siblings and extended family. My dad remarried and she held her family closely and ours at a distance. Parents should not tell their children the Santa Claus story as if it were literal truth. The most basic and common argument brought against Christmas is that it is not found in the Bible. I respect that. This is actually the true essence of Christmas. In this short study, we will take a look at some of the arguments and issues and consider some of the biblical options open to us as believers. Actually, if we look deep enough, we can trace a great number of words we use, traditions and habits back to pagan beginnings. 14:-5). There were many customs that Israel and the nations had in common that were not wrong. Note what the Apostle says, "let no one act as your judge in regard to . Not to confuse ourselves and others with our own interpretation of God’s Word, not to confuse ourselves with other people’s view points on Godly issues that has eternal consequences, not to trust any “godly” person on Gods ways. And that is another point we want to make here. Or is it leading to rigidity, arrogance, legalism, divisiveness, criticism, and anger over non-essentials?’ The former is the filling of the Spirit. How God Uses This Ministry to Help Marriages, What Cindy Wright Has Learned About Marriage, What Steve Wright Has Learned About Marriage, Marriage Message #334 – Questioning Christmas Celebration. Probably the most notable of these religions is the Jehovah’s Witnesses, who publish stinging attacks on the celebration of Christmas year after year. In modern English ‘Sunday’ doesn’t carry that connotation, and that’s the very nature of language. . These ancient customs of the nations were originally introduced into the religious life of the nations by Satan to distort the original promises and truth of God which these customs would portray. What Christmas means for Christians today. I believe that we will have a beautiful celebration, almost like Christmas but even more beautiful and spectacular, when Jesus Christ comes on the clouds of heaven. But little time is spent in prayer truly seeking God. The practices, though in perverted form, did portray a deliverer, the provision of eternal life, the gift of God through the seed of a woman, a divine branch from heaven as the means of reconciliation to God. In a sense, holidays are like chronological language.” (From the article, Christmas?). In other words, mass stands for festival involving a number of religious activities, and is not a reference to the Roman Catholic ritual of the Eucharist.

They expect from the season what only God can give. We also need to remember that Scripture does promise rewards for godly behavior or faithfulness for believers in Christ.

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