The offspring of a Trekkie and a History buff, and the middle child of 7 equally avid siblings, he has spent much of his life firmly entrenched in nerd-culture. One of the most popular comic book characters of the last 15 years also happens to be a character created within that timeframe: Damian Wayne. Batman admitted he was proud of Robin and welcomed him home. Damian Wayne is the fifth Robin from DC Comics and the son ofBatman and Talia al Ghul. An adult version of Damian Wayne appears in Dceased, Initial visibility: currently defaults to autocollapse.

Raven healed Robin but saw into his mind and was weakened. The century's greatest crimefighter, the daughter of its greatest crimelord. Prior to the start of Grant Morrison's "Batman R.I.P." Beginning of comic. Damian Wayne is a fictional superhero appearing in comic books published by DC Comics, created by Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert, commonly in association with Batman. As of age 13, Damian was short for his age and had few other markers of impending puberty. Rather than inform Batman, Robin stole the Batmobile and drove to Ichabod, a town 60 miles outside the city, where Schott's Toys was based. By the time of Apokolips War, Damian has matured considerably in regards to his relationship with his family and team. A dark king for a new age." After his return, Damian spent some time venturing off in his own solo adventures, chronicled in a wonderful run by Tomasi and Gleason that follows "Johnny Quest"-style escapades alongside his pet bat-demon, Goliath. Wayne quickly introduced Damian as his ward, not a son, and was keeping him a secret from the press corps until the paperwork was finished. Batman tries to convince Robin to come home with him, but Damian attacks him, declaring that Wayne Manor is a coffin and that Batman's views are not enough to save Gotham. Annoyed, she almost kills him until Slade stops her; noting she can see why he wants Robin dead, Terra leaves. Pennyworth broke up the heated discussion with news he discovered Batman's file on Batwoman. Damian flees to alert Batman but is pursued by his evil grandfather. Talia ordered Batman to execute them. He eventually joined the Teen Titans where he later became romantically involved with Raven. Upon returning to Gotham, Damian tells Dick that even though he had been brought to the Titans in order to find friends, he did not need to, as he already had one, Grayson himself.

Robin tried to snag him with a grapnel line and pull him, remembering justice, not vengeance. Starfire lights the area, as Terra concentrates on lifting the bit of earth they're on. Soon the Titans take out the H.I.V.E. Death Battle Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Damian ran back to Starfire's locked car and was forced to break a window to get his sword. The New 52 Batman Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. They settled into Talon's home. However, Batman explains that the temporary defeat of the League will not stop a larger force to attack later and destroy the city, so he came to the extreme decision that the only solution possible is for Damian to return to his mother, a decision that caused an emotional reaction on Damian like never before.

Damian defeated Deathstroke but decided not to kill him because he was his father's son. Wayne was still disoriented to Damian tried slapping him. Returning to assist his fellow Robins as the crisis reaches its conclusion, Damian helps Dick, Jason and Tim regain confidence in themselves after Mother decimates their initial efforts against her by recalling a conversation he had with Bruce where Bruce noted that he is proud of how all three of the other Robins have different strengths, Bruce wanting his partners to find their own paths rather than blindly follow his own example.[81]. Morrison, Grant. As a last-ditch effort, Constantine frees Trigon from Raven's prison, offering himself as a host.

In the aftermath, Robin forms an unlikely partnership with his mother Talia. Robin instead called him insane. These events cause Hush to escape, causing Damian to grow a further hatred for the criminal. In Batman and Robin vol. Deadman taking possession of Damian's body, seeing for himself Damian's artificial gestation. During a stakeout mission, Damian slices off Tim's line, causing him to fall from a great height. On the way to the cave, Dick's body is possessed by Deadman, at whom Damian lashes out in confusion. Robin caught up to Raven and was shocked to see Ra's al Ghul, who was really the last Corruptor in disguise.

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