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Rench, a Moscow Republican running against incumbent Moscow Democrat Tom Lamar in November’s election, was one of five people cited by Moscow police for suspicion of being in violation of Moscow’s mask/social distancing order, according to Moscow Police Chief James Fry. Zornes said police officers acted calmly and made it clear they were going to enforce the face mask order with arrests, saying officers flexed their muscles. We just updated the article with your correction. I am a retired LEO, and this type of tyranny disgusts me to no end. Did you ever imagine you would witness the day when Christian Americans peacefully singing hymns would be arrested and charged with crimes while violent left-wing groups march through our streets, looting, harassing conservatives and harming citizens unabated? These officers have a constitutional duty to upholde the constitution, not violate it. All Rights Reserved.

Idaho however, does not have a statewide masking mandate. By Garrett Cabeza MOSCOW, Idaho — Three people have been arrested after an Idaho church held a psalm-singing event without masks in a city hall parking lot in violation of a town’s mask order.

The music is beautiful.”, Well, it happened. If I get caught j-walking or speeding in my vehicle, I get a ticket and I have to show up to explain myself to a judge. The Church-sponsored event was attended by around 300 people Wednesday afternoon. YouTube video Moscow Idaho City Councilwoman, Brandy Sullivan, emailed back to me University of Idaho Athletics.

I wondered if he was a leftist. The controversial Moscow City Council and left-wing Mayor Bill Lambert extended their mandatory mask order to Jan. 5, 2021 at Monday’s council meeting. The mask mandate which has been in effect since July was just extended until January 6th, 2021 by Moscow city’s left-wing leaders, an emergency order they themselves do not follow. Your are welcome!! Masks, however, were not in attendance for the wedding. Visit Website; Find out the time and place of the next big Vandals game. He said he does not think arrests should have been made because of the attendees’ First Amendment rights. CALL TO ACTION: Left-Wing Idaho Mayor Arrests Christians Over Coronavirus Mandates He Refuses To Follow (Video), Latah County Commissioner candidate Gabriel Rench, Email the City Council at [email protected], Muslims plot, new US Alberta rail, Arrested for singing in groups: Links 2, September 26, 2020 – Vlad Tepes, Fraud Alert: Democrat Politicians Caught on Hot Mic Pushing Masks for ‘Political Theater’ (Watch) – RAIR, Email Chief of Police James Fry: [email protected] Ben Zornes, a Christ Church pastor and organizer of the event, said the church hosts psalm, or hymn, events about once a month at places like Friendship Square, East City Park or at a house. My question is, why aren't these violations considered civil offenses vs criminal offenses. Residents sent letters pleading their case for ending the mask mandate and gave testimony for over an hour “citing health studies, statistics, concerns of the legality of the mandate, the effect of isolation on the elderly, the effect of masking on growing children, and most importantly the fact that not a single COVID case caused a death in our county, nor even a hospitalization.”, “This is dangerous, unconstitutional, and frankly, with all due respect, insane,” said one woman addressing the council. I saw East Germany up close & personal, a long time ago in a galaxy far away. Several people voiced their opposition to the council during the meeting when public comment was allowed and many voiced support and opposition to the order in emails to the mayor and council. The city had already been imposing a mandatory mask order which took effect in early July which states “face coverings must be worn in indoor and outdoor public settings where 6-foot social distancing cannot be maintained with non-household members.” The order does not apply to children under five-years old, but the city is recommending that every age child wear a masks. The Moscow City Council extended the mask order to Jan. 5 at Monday’s council meeting. Furthermore, just a few weeks ago, Mayor Bill Lambert officiated a wedding without a mask or social distancing in Moscow at a private residence. City crews painted colorful circles in the city hall parking lot that event attendees could stand on to maintain proper social distancing Wednesday. I emailed them all, but Maureen Your email address will not be published. He said many residents are working to get a referendum in order to overturn the mask order. Thank you so much for the correction. Not surprised. I could not use the email You gave because it does not have again it said it was invalid. Moscow Chamber of Commerce 411 S. Main Street, Moscow, ID 83843 208. I'm a political refugee from Oregon, soon to live in Nampa. The event was promoted on Christ Church’s Facebook page as a “flash psalm sing.” It started at 4:45 p.m. and most people had left within 30 minutes of it starting. “We wanted to make a statement we’re ready to head back to normal,” Zornes said. Well done @SeanOShay2 and Rachel. Fry said officers preach community policing, “but at some point in time you have to enforce.”. Real-time updates and all local stories you want right in the palm of your hand. So do some church staffers, ‘How can I give back?’: Boise man, local company help in COVID-19 vaccine trials, Idaho reports 353 COVID-19 cases Sunday; Ada, Canyon report numerous ‘probable’ cases, Idaho adds 3 new deaths from COVID-19 on Saturday, more than 500 new cases, This Boise woman survived a double lung transplant. MOSCOW, Idaho — A church in Moscow has planned another "Psalm Sing" event on Friday evening after five people were cited for violating a public … Have "visits" with the Stasi personnel who are the instruments of the tyrants. Get addresses. […] 5. Those who violate the order are subject to a misdemeanor, which carries a maximum punishment of six months in jail and a $1,000 fine. Watch Idaho police handcuff and arrest Candidate Gabriel Rench, as one church member cried out, “I did not see this happen to BLM [Black Lives Matter], isn’t that weird?”: “Well, it happened,” one mother wrote on Twitter. If found guilty, I pay a fine. In June, Mayor Lambert stated, “The constitutional guarantees of free speech, assembly, and exercise of one’s religion are precious to me, as they should be to all Americans.”. 875 Perimeter Drive | Moscow, ID 83844 (208) 885-6466. The rogue mayor has departed from the state by issuing arbitrary masking orders despite zero coronavirus hospitalizations or deaths in the small town. @2020 RAIR Foundation USA, LLC. The outdoor experience on the Palouse is particularly rich, as its rolling hills, rivers, … The music is beautiful. “We wanted to make a statement we’re ready to head back to normal,” he said, claiming it is time to start pushing back against “largely groundless” laws. Fry said the city knew about the event, which prompted the social distancing dots on the pavement, and that it would potentially include people without masks. Mayor's DO NOT have the constitutional authority to override the constitutional right of Americans! Congratulations Moscow, Idaho. Of the five cited, two also were arrested for suspicion of resisting or obstructing an officer.

These people are possessed by Satan.

If they will arrest singing church members, outdoors, they will do other things. The vast majority of the attendees — the majority of which Zornes said were Christ Church members — did not wear masks and most did not social distance. Thank you for letting us know and we appreciate all the emails you sent out to the council. The Church-sponsored event was attended by around 300 people Wednesday afternoon. "Just following orders" wasn't a defense at Nuremberg either. A “psalm sing” attended by more than 150 people Wednesday in the Moscow City Hall parking lot led to three arrests, including that of Latah County Commission candidate Gabriel Rench. Don't expect them to change their evil ways. We are a grassroots activist team and we need your help! “The Moscow (Idaho) Police Department arrested my kids’ music teacher [Sean Bohnet] and his wife [Rachel Bohet] the basketball coach for singing without social distancing at a Psalm Sing protest. Citizens report being harassed and threatened by police with arrest for walking in the streets with family unmasked members. By the way is everyone on the city council in agreement about masks and the arrests and are they all Democrats? MOSCOW, Idaho — A church in Moscow has planned another "Psalm Sing" event on Friday evening after five people were cited for violating a public … Make sure to update RAIR Foundation USA on your progress at: [email protected] We encourage all Americans to support the Moscow, Idaho community and respectfully voice your concerns. Required fields are marked *. That seems more appropriate than being handcuffed and taken to jail. Local company PharmaWatch’s tech is being used. These people are violating your civil rights and should be stopped. He said it is time to start pushing back against “largely groundless” laws — referencing the mask order. Watch and enjoy the listen. They are incapable of that. Laflin’s came Back, so I put m in front Of her last name instead of a Get names. Just keep praying! He said Wednesday’s psalm sing was also a fitting way to show that residents want a return to normalcy in the face of COVID-19. According to reporter Douglas Wilson, at least one city council member was in attendance, as was law enforcement. Ironically, the hypocritical Mayor Lambert touts himself as a free speech and religious freedom supporter. The five mask order citations were the first given by Moscow police, Fry said. The group sang a few hymns and concluded with a doxology. He said the department has been “very lenient” on enforcing the order and officers have tried to work with every group to prevent incidents like Wednesday’s from happening. Full version of Sean and Rachel Bohnet being handcuffed and arrested by Moscow, Idaho police: Reverend Ben Zornes, a Christ Church pastor and organizer of the event, said the church hosts psalm, or hymn, events about once a month at places like Friendship Square, East City Park or a house. Christ Church Pastor Doug Wilson warned attendees at the start of the event that they could be cited by police for not wearing a mask or social distancing. COVID-19 has her fighting for life, Ada County reports first case of child syndrome; COVID-19 cases in Idaho schools double, Coronavirus weekly need-to-know: Long-haulers, strange symptoms, Halloween candy & more, Public health building shot with pellet gun after protests at homes of Utah officials. Coronavirus: Idaho State equipment to speed up testing in SE Idaho; Emmett High closed for a day, Idaho Gov. This, despite the fact that Latah County has had zero coronavirus hospitalizations, and there have been zero deaths. Historic Moscow, Idaho and the beautiful Palouse are the perfect destination for plein air artists, and the annual Palouse Plein Air painting event connects artists with the region’s landscape and arts culture. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.

It’s work, but I think your community will back you.

“We were just singing songs,” Zornes said. The police officers and elected leaders involved in this attack on the U.S. Constitution and Christian worshippers should be removed from office. Thank you for your service, we appreciate you! Please consider making a donation here:, Your email address will not be published. The mask mandate which has been in effect since July was just extended until January 6th, 2021 by Moscow city’s left-wing leaders, an emergency order they themselves do not follow.

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