christmas tree symbolism

But, as late as the 1840s Christmas trees were seen as pagan symbols and not accepted by most Americans. Christmas tree as a symbol. Check out this article for Christmas tree … The symbolic meaning of Christmas trees originates in pagan culture where the evergreen represents life, rebirth, and stamina needed to endure the winter months. Even before Christ’s birth, trees that stayed green all year long carried special meaning for people. From ancient Celtic to American immigrants to European influence - Christmas tree meaning is all over the map. The symbolic meaning of the Christmas tree is deeply rooted in history. Because of Jesus Christ, we can have ever lasting life (see 3 Nephi 5:13 ), so we can choose to see the ever green tree as a natural symbol of Him and His gift to us. T he evergreen tree was an ancient symbol of life in the midst of winter. A green, thriving tree in the dead of winter reminded people of hope and new life. Each culture has a different spin on this iconic feature during the winter solstice.

Symbolic Meaning of Christmas Tree – A Brief Summary December 5, 2007 - by Avia Venefica - 4 Comments. Christmas Tree. Personal Meaning. (read all at source) The tradition of decorating a tree is an important childhood memory, and families share this experience with successive generations.

Long time ago, the evergreens were worshiped as symbols of immortality in pagan cultures, and used for warding off the evil spirits. Evergreens are symbolic of keeping fresh, optimistic and radiant even in the most harsh conditions. Lit candles were a sign of Eternal Light, which is to say, Jesus. However, starting year 700, the pagan tree was replaced by a fir tree which was considered a symbol of Christianity.

Christmas Tree Symbolism: These were (and still are) typically Fir trees, which, like the Holly and Ivy are evergreen - keeping their happy green ways throughout the winter.

In early times, Christmas tree was considered as the “Tree of Life” which symbolizes life and universe. The symbolism of light was also important. Most people usually set up their own Christmas tree a month or weeks before the Christmas day. History of Christmas Tree. For many people, Christmas tree meaning is largely a personal matter. Christmas tree is one of the most popular Christmas symbols.

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