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And then, when the police come, this is where the people at home are really gonna-- they get an outhouse, toss it over from a bridge onto a police car, then they start throwing rocks at the police car! May 19 - Several Caledonia residents establish a counter-blockade on Argyle St., to prevent the protesters from accessing the site.

[16], In response to Brown's claims, Crown lawyer David Felicient stated that the situation "must be understood against the backdrop of the unique character of Aboriginal occupations and protests" and that the OPP were prevented from taking action due to "policy implications.

[57], At the injunction hearing on October 22, Justice Harper found Skyler Williams to be in contempt of the court and dismissed all evidence he had filed. Williams had previously been arrested in the August 5 raid. February 5, 1798 - The land sold by Brant to the Crown is parcelled off into six blocks and sold to private land speculators. "[72][73] Dockstader and Skye were both charged with disobeying a court order and mischief. One solidarity blockade on Gitxsan and Wetʼsuwetʼen territory stopped traffic on British Columbia Highway 16 for several hours, in a demonstration meant to reinforce the continent-wide solidarity that had been seen earlier in the year as the Wetʼsuwetʼen opposed the construction of a pipeline on their territory. [59] The land involved in the development amounts to 107 acres (0.43 km2). Additionally, they acknowledged the frustration members of the community had expressed regarding the accommodation agreement council had signed with Foxgate, committing to doing better in the future, but admitting that they remained bound by the agreement. Kerry Schmidt confirmed they have identified the person with the lacrosse stick, and he will be facing charges. August 27 - The judges of the three-member panel of Ontario Court of Appeal dealing with the Provincial government's appeal rule that the protesters can stay on the disputed site, writing the following: October 15 - A rally organized by resident Gary McHale attracts an estimated 400 participants. The OPP erected two blockades on either side of the bypass to ensure public safety. Gualtieri had asked Smoke and several other intruders to leave his daughter's house, which he was helping build as a wedding present.

[70], By early September, a support camp referred to by an organizer as a "safety zone" had been established on Kanonhstaton, to provide a meeting place for community members to have shelter, learn about their culture, and support the Land Back Lane camp. The Grand River land dispute, also known as the Caledonia land dispute, is an ongoing dispute between the Six Nations of the Grand River (Six Nations) and the Government of Canada.

337 - 1492 Land Back Lane", "OPP says 2nd raid on Six Nations land back camp would inflame conflict, solve nothing", "STATEMENT REGARDING UNLAWFUL MCKENZIE MEADOWS DEVELOPMENT", "Indigenous Journalist Arrested While Reporting on Land Defense", "I was just released from being arrested for being at #1492LandBackLane I was sitting on the banks of the Grand River with my auntie/sis. [7], On September 23, Haldimand County's police services board called on the OPP to step up enforcement of the injunction, claiming their current framework for responding to "Indigenous critical incidents" was not working, and characterizing the occupation as "acts of terrorism" in reference to the Canada Criminal Code. and "We Are All Treaty People. [78], In a letter dated September 17, Foxgate's legal counsel urged ministers to not enter into negotiations with the "occupiers" while they continued to defy the court injunction Foxgate held against them.

Following a brief occupation two weeks prior, a small group of natives had occupied the property that morning, and the confrontation was going to end peacefully in the afternoon before Gualtieri arrived and clashed with the young protesters.

March 6 - The protesters burn the order again. July 7, 1841 - There is another petition against the surrender. In March of that year, the Six Nations sued the federal and provincial governments in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice over the developers' purchase of the land.

[1] Protesters from the Six Nations of the Grand River began a demonstration on a parcel of land in Caledonia, a community within the single-tier municipality of Haldimand County, roughly 20 kilometres (12 miles) southwest of Hamilton. 4 - Nichol Township in Wellington County (opened for settlement in 1822), Block No. [76], On Tuesday, September 15, Starla Myers, a member of Six Nations and reporter for Real Peoples Media, was arrested and charged with two counts of mischief and one count of disobeying a court order.

[87], In early August, it was reported that some Wetʼsuwetʼen had set up a rail blockade on their territory in northern British Columbia in solidarity with the demonstrators at the encampment, mirroring the blockades in solidarity with the Wetʼsuwetʼen earlier in 2020.

Skyler Williams was told that he can no longer defend himself in court unless he and the other Six Nation people occupying land meant for a housing … [39], On February 22, 2010, Marie Trainer said that the province was leaning towards giving the Douglas Creek Estates to the Six Nations Band Council, but that she expected it to be some time before a formal decision would be reached. February 4, 1841 - The Six Nations petition against the surrender of land, saying the chiefs had been intimidated and deceived and they had agreed only to lease the land.

You know, you just can't go in and just take over people's future homes, it's wrong. [65], On August 25, the Superior Court extended both the August 7 (despite the final blockade having come down three days prior) and July 30 injunctions, the latter of which "restrains anyone from occupying or hindering development of the construction site" and names Skyler Williams as a defendant.

[59][64], Lonny Bomberry, Director of Six Nations Land and Resources, has said that there is no traditional land claim associated with the occupied development, since it has been under third-party ownership for at least 150 years, and while the entirety of the Haldimand Tract is subject to a land claim, that claim is not against third-party developers. April 22 - The parties sign an agreement to continue talking, with a view of settling the land claim.

[20], On June 15, 2009 some Caledonia residents announced the formation of an unarmed "militia" to enforce laws they felt the Ontario Provincial Police had failed to uphold. In the statement, they called on the governments of Canada and Ontario to sit down at the negotiation table and address land issues with them, the hereditary chiefs, citing the issues left unresolved after the breakdown of talks following the dispute at Kanonhstaton.

Tense tableaus played out for months in the southwestern Ontario town in 2006 as Indigenous protesters clashed repeatedly with provincial police over the rights to land located near Six Nations of the Grand River First Nation.

He added that if any officers are harmed, he would not support a renewal of the town's policing contract in 2008 and would back any lawsuit brought against the town by individual officers. [60][61], On September 9, 2015, Foxgate Development acquired the land for the project from Haldimand County.[62].

June 15 - Negotiations with the provincial government resume after one of the blockades is removed.

[2] The Government of Ontario compensated the developer and stopped the development, holding the land for planned negotiations.

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