all that matters musical

Thank you so much for this. More anointed inspiration in Jesus name. Its subsequent alteration took place in 2013, when Weinstein took over the elaboration and Barry Weissler was hired as an executive producer. Keep it up.

A spirit filled song, very powerful with alot of message “Nothing matters in my life except Jesus”, May God’s anointing on you always be made afresh. More Grace to you, I started speaking in tongues when I heard this song, more grace guc, This is my first time knowing who guc is and trust me this music lifts the spirit, The guy is really doing great on the kingdom,first was desperate and now this

This song is soul lifting, the first time I listened to the music,i had goose pimples, but the sound effect is low, no bass. Then ‘all that matters’ dropped and I couldn’t just stop listening to it even before it came out. Bless you, A friend shared this song with me last week but it has become my everyday worship song, filled with too much anointment, thank u so much Jesus for this song moves mountains. Just as u have put him in front of ur melody may He Lead you, thanks dear, more inspirations. As the world is on panic about the covid 19,I will make room for Two.

God bless you sir. The …

I am just blessed by this piece. God increase u mightily. You got bro. God bless you, your are going places. Indeed Jesus you are that matters Am downloading I right now. I am speechless, God has really bleseed you and we are bleseed with this marvellous song. God thank you for your son you used . Thanks for this wonderful song. so touching and spirit filled,God bless guc. No matter, how your circumstances made be God is the situation to every hardship. so I had to search for the song online. I listened to song by u”all that matters ” and my whole life was transformed for good, my spirit life became renewed.

God bless you GUC for this song,I don’t get tired of listening to the song. More Grace sir. This song is Spirit-filled. We’ll keep reimagining the future of the music, sports, gaming & online entertainment industries for the rest of 2020 and beyond.

The All That Matters 2020 festival kicks off an ongoing premium online experience connecting the people driving Asia’s music, sports, gaming and online entertainment sectors. Keep being inspired MOG. Thank you Holy Spirit for the gift of GUC…I love this song. Greater heights! spirit filled, I just listen to it today nd it bless my life, I just listen to it today nd it bless my life GOD is all dat matter in our life.

More Grace!

I immediately put it in repeat. be blessed. This song is gonna change your life, it’s gonna get you closer to JESUS. More ororo on u, One of the best songs ever released!

Listen, download and […] God’s hands be upon your life First it was DESPERATE (Holy ghost filled song)

Baraka tele Man of God, I really love this sing.

The song is spirit filled.

Awesome God!!!!!! Then it was held in Cambridge and in 2015, it moved to the main stage of the country.

I see a passionate young man who is madly in love with Jesus. Song lyrics from theatre show/film are property & copyright of their owners, provided for educational purposes.

More spirit filling in Jesus name.

GUC, May God continue to bless you until you are fully blessed IJN, I was checking my Facebook news feed i heard the song on one of my friends feed and since then i have love the song may God bless the artist’s and increase his grace and anointing in Jesus name. This song is fantastic carries Gods spirit and the lyrics are so clear for easy comprehension. Timely Song, while the whole world stand still because of Covin 19, It’s obvious nothing matters but Jesus. Heard it from a friend’s post on WhatsApp status,was touched more grace, This is so powerful… Never to neglect the presence of God, Guc, I can’t stop playing this song. What a great worship song my brother keep it up and may the good bless you. God richly bless you GUC…Great great song…. First knew him in 2016 when he was invited to the faculty of Engineering, university of Uyo For our annual worship. Good song, good melody and good lyrics. Get ready for news about Asia’s most exciting music, sports, media and online entertainment get-togethers. I love it.

God bless you and remain bless. Truely Jesus is all that matters! This song is wonderful,may God strengthen you more, All that matters to me is God….more anointing sir.

Thanks! Hearing this song at a time when I really needed such words. Something I can’t explain left me… Histrionics started in 2012 (8 years after the film) in England and in the United States its premiere took place in 2014 in Massachusetts, as a preview before its imposition on Broadway. So great in fact.

I just got my healing now… Thank you Jesus. To guc, may the grace of God continually be upon you, Amen. Profile. Guc this is spiritual move song,i wouldn’t lie but confess I’m touched.

This song honestly speaking it has transformed me and born again in Jesus name,i really give thanks to GUC dat may God continue using u in this way a lot of people will transformed.

God you are all that matters in my life and family. Its indeed HolyGhost birthed.

Weldon GUC…. god has use you to bless life with this song god bless you more grace sir.

May God Almighty help us all to know him and the power of his resurrection, Amen. He is blessed.

what a wonderful song, you are among the best. The song is very powerful. Your songs carries so much power sir.

I cried when I listened to the song for the first time. Be the first to get updates by signing up for our newsletter. Watch the video for All That Matters from Kölsch's All That Matters for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists.

GUC God bless you. God I bless your name for this song give him more wisdom and continue to use him as vassal to glorify your name God. You are all that matters.. From day one you are all that matters heavenly Father. U don’t need to preach to sinners Indeed Jesus is all that matter.. As song of the spirit with a powerful gospel message… Am blessed by the song… Thanks.. May God grace continue to increase in your life..

More grace to release more and also to challenge young boys of this age, Mehnnnnn this song is lit…. It brought reawakening in my spirit. I’m so blessed by your song GUC….Jesus is all that matters…Thank you and more grace. All That Matters is Asia’s meeting point for the music, sports, gaming and online entertainment industries. Meanwhile, you can watch all the VODs here or on our Twitch channel. I love this song God bless you please can I get his number, I just listen to the song and i was baptized with the holy spirit, Lyrically inspired by the spirit I can place a bet. God bless you.

You will go places in Jesus name. This is a great song, I must say it speaks to my heart. Words can’t explain. - All That Matters - Music. thanks for the song. I was blessed. Wow speechless,all I can say is am really really bless by ur song , more grace sir.

This song can break mountains …God bless n strengthens you to do more …, I have listened to this song over and over again Jesus you are all that matters in my life. More grace GUC, mehnn I fell in love with the cover done with Mercy chinwo..I had to go for the real deal..Thank you for blessing souls, more Grace.

This song gave me life again because I thought all hope is lost, thanks u so much for the wonderful inspiration. It’s a spirit realm song that touches the spirit of man here on earth .

By subscribing, you agree to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. Powerful song More grace sir … I pray for more auction to function. Great music…, I can’t stop listening to this song… This is powerful, more grace, Great song from the throne room… I really love it If you even want a change I situations of life around and family, this song is suitable.

Glory hallelujah, GUC I’LL SURELY FEATURE YOU IN ONE OF MY SONG. I’m Tony from Uganda. Thank you for touching our hearts.

Thank for the gift, Filled already with the awesome spirit and presence of God in nah Life. The lyrics of the music crossed me to the spiritual side…Am really blessed, GUC God bless u for this song it is Remain Blessed permanently. I look forward to spirit filled worship songs as this from you.

This is a spirit filled song that will draw us closely to God. Rich!

I was caught my the cover…I had to go for the song and boooooom…I was touched…I quite many awful lifestyle just to stay put with the holy ghost after listening to this great song….indeed you get the gift,more grace brotherly. I can’t stop singing this song.

See power of God abeg….

GUC u are loved, We love GUC here in Kenya, you can trully feel the presence of God w moving through the song. There is something about Eezee concept and their crew, imagine Guc and Mercy Chinwo these guys are something else.

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